AeroQuad Drone Reviews: Scam? Don’t Buy Before Reading This!

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So, when we got our AeroQuad, we noticed something interesting. The box said it was made in China, not America as advertised. That was our first clue that something might be off.

One of the big claims about AeroQuad is that it has this cool “follow” feature, where it can track and follow you around. Well, guess what? It didn’t have that feature, and that was a letdown.

Turns out, AeroQuad is actually a rebranded Eachine E58 drone, which you can get for less than $100. It looks kind of like the more expensive drones you might have seen, but it’s definitely not the same quality.

How Does It Fly?

Now, don’t get us wrong, AeroQuad can still fly, and it’s not a terrible toy. It comes with an app for your smartphone, which is okay. But here’s the kicker: the camera quality is pretty bad. So, if you’re hoping to capture awesome aerial shots, this might not be the drone for you.

What You Should Know Before Buying AeroQuad

Here are a few things you need to know before you consider getting an AeroQuad:

1. False Advertisements: Those commercials you’ve seen claiming that AeroQuad was designed by ex-SEALs and is super high-tech for the military? Well, it turns out that’s not true. It wasn’t even made in New Zealand. The backstory seems inconsistent, and there are different ads for different places.

2. Bait and Switch Scam: The footage they show in the ads isn’t even from the AeroQuad itself. It’s actually from a DJI Mavic Air, which is a really good drone. This is a sneaky tactic called a “bait and switch scam.” They use cool footage from a quality drone to sell an inferior one.

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3. Name Changes: AeroQuad used to go by the names “Quad Air” and “SkyQuad.” It’s basically a drone for kids that you can find for about $30 on Amazon or Aliexpress. The company behind it seems to change the name whenever there are lots of complaints online.

So, there you have it. AeroQuad might not be the amazing drone it’s made out to be in those flashy ads. It’s essential to be aware of what you’re getting into before you spend your hard-earned money on it. Make sure to read reviews and do your research to find the best drone that suits your needs and budget!

Is AeroQuad a Scam? Let’s Get the Scoop!

You’ve probably heard some buzz about AeroQuad, and you might be wondering if it’s too good to be true. Well, we’re here to spill the beans and give you the lowdown on this drone.

What People Are Saying

So, when we checked out what people are saying about AeroQuad, we found that a whopping 90% of users are not too happy. They’re saying that it’s not worth the price it’s being sold for, and they’ve got some solid reasons.

The Price Tag vs. Reality

One of the biggest issues is the price. AeroQuad claims to be worth a hefty $5000 but is sold for around $100. That sounds like a sweet deal, right? Well, it turns out that this claim is pretty far from the truth. In reality, this drone is more like a $30 to $40 toy you can find on eBay.

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Deceptive Marketing Alert

Here’s where things get a bit tricky. Many buyers have complained that AeroQuad uses deceptive marketing tactics to lure people in. They make it seem like you’re getting a super high-quality drone for a steal of a price. But, as our fellow drone enthusiast mentioned, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

Real User Experience

One person shared their experience with a coworker who bought an AeroQuad. They didn’t know much about drones and needed some help getting it to fly. The result? Disappointment. The quality was described as “the cheapest and worst” they’ve ever seen. Even a trip to Walmart would have been a better choice. The comparison with a Mavic Air 2 highlighted just how different the quality was.


So, what’s the verdict? AeroQuad seems to be a bit misleading. It claims to be a high-end drone but is, in fact, more like a toy drone modeled after the Eachine E58. It doesn’t have a gimbal, the camera quality is terrible, and it’s not worth the $100+ price tag. You could easily find a drone with similar specs for a fraction of the cost, around $30 on eBay.

So, if you’re thinking about getting an AeroQuad, it’s essential to know what you’re getting into. Make sure to read reviews and do your research to find a drone that suits your needs and budget without any surprises!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is AeroQuad Drone a scam or a legit product?

AeroQuad Drone is a legitimate product. It is a well-known and trusted brand in the drone industry worldwide. Many customers have bought and used the product without experiencing any problem or scam.

2. What are the key features of AeroQuad Drone?

The AeroQuad Drone has several amazing features, including a 4K HD camera, FPV Live Streaming, GPS Return Home, 20-minute Flight Time, 1200m Flight Control Distance, and more. These features make it one of the best drones in the market.

3. How can I buy an AeroQuad Drone?

To buy an AeroQuad Drone, visit their official website or any authorized dealer. There, you will find different models with different specifications and prices. Choose the one that suits your needs and add it to your cart. Follow the instructions to complete your purchase.

4. Can AeroQuad Drone fly in high winds?

AeroQuad Drone is specially designed to withstand moderate winds and weather conditions. However, it is not advisable to fly the drone in extreme weather conditions such as strong winds, storms, and heavy rains. Doing so may damage the drone or cause it to malfunction.

5. Do I need a license to fly an AeroQuad Drone?

Yes, you need a license to fly an AeroQuad Drone if you plan to use it for commercial purposes or fly it in a restricted airspace. However, if you are using it for recreational purposes only, a license may not be required. But it is important to check and comply with the local regulations before flying the drone.

6. What is the warranty period for AeroQuad Drone?

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