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Have you ever wondered why Clear Care, that special lens cleaning stuff, isn’t available in travel-size anymore? Well, let’s break it down for you!

What is Clear Care?

Clear Care is a lens cleaning solution that helps keep your contact lenses super clean. They say it’s as gentle as tears and doesn’t bother your eyes. But some folks wanted proof!

The Challenge!

Clear Care challenged its customers to test their solution. If it didn’t work as they claimed, they promised to stop making it. So, people put it to the test.

How to Use Clear Care

First, make sure your hands are squeaky clean. You don’t want any germs on your lenses, right? Then, you put the solution on your lens and let it chill for five minutes. Fill up your lens case with the solution too. Pop your lens in there and make sure it’s sealed tight.

Now, leave them in the case for at least six hours or overnight. This gets rid of all the nasty stuff that might be on your lenses. When you wake up, your lenses are good to go!

Why Lens Hygiene Matters

Taking care of your lenses is super important. One small mistake can mess with your vision. So, it’s crucial to keep things clean and safe.

Why Did Clear Care Disappear?

Now, let’s talk about why Clear Care isn’t on the shelves anymore. It’s not just Clear Care; other lens cleaning solutions are MIA too.

The Mystery of Non-Sterile Lubricants

Some factories making these lens solutions got into trouble for using not-so-clean stuff. Certain governments even banned some lens solutions from stores.

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The Companies’ Side of the Story

The companies said, “Hey, we didn’t sell any of that not-so-clean stuff to the public! We only used it for testing, not for real use.”

What Happens Now?

Clear Care used to be a favorite for people with sensitive eyes and vision problems. It gave them peace of mind. But now, folks are doubting it because of these allegations.

The Supply Shortage

With all these lens solutions disappearing, it’s hard to find any in stores. This shortage has made people desperate, and some are even paying extra for these solutions.

Clear Care Travel Size: Still Around!

But wait, the rumors about Clear Care travel-size packs being gone are not true! You can still find them. The brand had to remove some products because of the allegations, but Clear Care is back on the shelves and online.

Where to Find Clear Care

If your local store is out of Clear Care, you can order it online. Just make sure to check with your eye doctor first before using it.

In Conclusion

Taking care of your lenses is a big deal, especially in a world where lots of people wear them. Hygiene is vital because your lenses are right next to your eyeballs!

Don’t rush when picking a lens cleaning solution. It can affect your lenses and how they feel in your eyes. And if your eyes are sensitive, be extra careful. Remember, your health is in your hands, so choose wisely!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Clear Care Travel Size discontinued?

The manufacturer, Alcon, has made a business decision to discontinue the production of Clear Care Travel Size due to low consumer demand.

Why is there a shortage of Clear Care products in the market?

The shortage of Clear Care products is a result of high demand and supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is Clear Care Travel Size still available in stores?

While Clear Care Travel Size is discontinued, some retailers may still have remaining stock in their stores. It is recommended to call ahead and check availability.

Will the production of Clear Care Travel Size resume in the future?

There is no current information on whether the production of Clear Care Travel Size will resume in the future.

What other products can be used as a substitute for Clear Care Travel Size?

Other hydrogen peroxide-based contact lens solutions, such as Opti-Free Puremoist and PeroxiClear, can be used as substitutes for Clear Care Travel Size.
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