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Have you heard about strange WhatsApp messages from a +852 area code phone number? Well, you need to be careful because they are not real! Scammers are sending fake messages from +63 phone numbers, and they might be trying to trick you.

What’s the Deal with the 852 Area Code Scam on WhatsApp?

Since 2021, more than a hundred people have complained about getting these scam messages. Before, the scammers pretended to be Japanese girls in Hong Kong. But now, they’re pretending to be crypto traders or gold experts. But how does this scam work?

How Does the +852 Country Code WhatsApp Scam from Hong Kong Work?

The scammers usually start by reaching out on WhatsApp or even Tinder. They pretend to be women and say they have a business in cosmetics or crypto. They might even want to expand their business to your city. But there are some red flags. They often have poor English skills, and they won’t agree to a video call.

One Person’s Experience with the Scam:

Imagine getting a message from a pretty girl with a +852 area code number on WhatsApp. Here’s what happened to someone:

  • The girl invited them to go out.
  • They asked where they were meeting.
  • Suddenly, the girl said she had the wrong number.

But the conversation continued on Telegram for hours. The girl claimed to live in Australia, just like the person receiving the messages. They talked about meeting for coffee when she came back to Australia. She seemed nice, but remember, this is a scam!

What Happens if You Keep Chatting with Them?

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If you keep talking to them, they might try to get you to invest in a shady crypto website. If you say no, they could promise to visit your country. But that’s also part of the scam. You might get a call from someone pretending to be from the airport. They’ll say your guest brought something for you, but they can’t deliver it unless you send money. If you send the money, you won’t get anything in return because it’s all a scam from the beginning.

What to Do if You Receive a +852 Area Code WhatsApp Scam Text?

If you get one of these messages, here’s what you should do:

  1. Delete the message right away because it’s clearly a scam.
  2. Tell your family and friends to watch out for these messages too.
  3. Report the scam using these methods:
    • Copy the message and send it to 7726 (SPAM) to help your wireless provider block similar messages.
    • Report it on the messaging app you use.
    • Report it to the FTC at

And if you ever come across scams or suspicious websites, you can also report them to [email protected].

Stay safe and keep an eye out for these scams!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Country Code 852 WhatsApp Scam?

The Country Code 852 WhatsApp Scam is a type of fraud that targets users of the popular messaging app, WhatsApp, using the phone number prefix for Hong Kong (852). Scammers typically pose as crypto traders from Hong Kong and use WhatsApp to offer high returns on investment in exchange for cryptocurrency.

2. How does the scam work?

The scam typically involves the scammers posing as experienced crypto traders offering high returns on investment in exchange for cryptocurrency. They will often use fake profiles, photos, and testimonials to make themselves appear legitimate. Once the victim has sent their cryptocurrency, the scammers disappear and the victim is left with no way to recover their funds.

3. How can I protect myself from the scam?

To protect yourself from the Country Code 852 WhatsApp Scam, it is important to be wary of unsolicited investment offers and to only invest with reputable and licensed investment firms. Always verify the credentials of anyone offering investment opportunities and never send cryptocurrency to someone you do not know and trust.

4. What should I do if I encounter the scam?

If you encounter the Country Code 852 WhatsApp Scam, it is important to report it to the relevant authorities and to block the scammer on WhatsApp. You should also warn others about the scam and share information on how to avoid falling victim to it.

5. Can I recover my funds if I have been scammed?

If you have been scammed in the Country Code 852 WhatsApp Scam, it can be difficult to recover your funds. However, you should immediately report the scam to the relevant authorities and seek legal advice to determine if there are any avenues for recovery.

6. What is the legal status of cryptocurrency in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, cryptocurrency is not considered legal tender and is currently unregulated. However, the government has announced plans to introduce a licensing regime for cryptocurrency exchanges and has warned against fraudulent activities related to cryptocurrency.
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