CVS stores closing list – Which of these in your nearest store?

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Are CVS Stores Closing in Your Area?

Hey there, curious reader! If you’re wondering about CVS stores closing near you in 2023, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s break down the details step by step.

Why Are CVS Stores Closing?

Okay, first things first. Why are CVS stores closing in the first place? Well, it’s because things in the world of pharmacies are changing. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, pharmacies were starting to use more technology. And since the pandemic, that change has sped up. People are now getting more interested in digital health solutions, and big pharmacies like CVS are adapting to this shift.

CVS’s Strategy

In 2022, CVS announced that they were planning to close some of their stores. They said they were going to shut down 300 stores in 2022, and they have a three-year plan to close 900 stores in total. That’s quite a lot! But don’t worry; we’ll explain why they’re doing this.

Adapting to Change

CVS is working on improving their healthcare services. They even bought a company called “Signify Health” in September 2022. This helps them deliver medicines to people’s homes and improves their connection with patients. They want to make healthcare more convenient and affordable for everyone.

Changing Store Formats

Some CVS stores are going to change their look. They want to focus more on healthcare, so they’ll have new formats. Some will provide primary care services, and others will focus on daily health and wellness needs.

What’s Not Closing

Don’t worry if you love going to CVS inside Target stores; those are not closing. And CVS says they’ll find new jobs for the staff affected by the closures. They care about their communities and are working on growing online services.

How Many CVS Stores Are Closing in the USA?

Now, let’s talk about how many CVS stores are closing across the whole USA.

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CVS Pharmacy Leads

CVS Pharmacy is one of the biggest pharmacy chains in the USA. They have a whopping 9,669 stores in 52 states and territories. That’s a lot of places to pick up your medicines!

Closing Across States

In 2022, CVS started closing stores, and it continued into the fall. They closed stores in different states like Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Maryland, and California.

Examples of Closures

To give you a better idea, let’s look at some specific closures. In Dayton, Ohio, they closed four CVS stores in places like Fairborn, Moraine, Brookville, and New Lebanon. These stores closed between September 21 and October 5, 2022.

Ohio and Beyond

Ohio felt the impact of CVS closures with stores in Kettering and Hamilton closing too. It’s not just Ohio; CVS has been closing stores in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Maryland, California, Florida, Texas, and Georgia. They’ve been making these changes to meet their goals.

Recent Closures

Even more recently, CVS planned to close its Central Avenue store in Albany, New York. This store was set to close on January 12, 2023. And in Selma, Alabama, the Swift Drug Company, which had been around for 106 years, closed its doors on December 23, 2022.

Moving Forward

It’s important to note that CVS is making sure patients still get their medications. They’re moving all medicines smoothly to nearby CVS Pharmacy stores to make sure there’s no interruption in patient service. And they’re helping their affected employees find similar positions at other CVS locations.

So, if you were wondering about CVS store closures, now you know what’s happening and why. Changes are coming to make healthcare better for everyone, and CVS is a big part of that transformation.

Goodbye to Sunshine and Glenstone CVS Stores!

Hey there, folks! We’ve got some news about two CVS stores, the Sunshine, and Glenstone locations, that are closing. Let’s dive into the story.

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A Long History

These two stores have a really long history in Springfield, Missouri. The Glenstone Avenue store has been serving Springfield customers for a whopping 59 years. It was built back in December 1961 and was originally known as Kats City Drug Store. It was designed by a famous architectural firm called Kivett, Myers & McCallum. They used some cool building materials and had unique geological connections that made the store a part of Springfield’s history.

The Big Pharmacy

The plan was to build a huge pharmacy at the corner of Portland Street and Glenstone Avenue in Springfield. That’s because it’s close to where Glenstone and Sunshine meet, and it’s in an area that’s been growing in Springfield.

After 124 days of construction, this superstore covered a whopping 74,500 square feet! Katz Drug ran it until 1971, and then it merged with Skaggs Drug Company and became Skaggs Thrifty City.

In 1984, Jewel Companies, the parent company of Osco Drug, bought Skaggs. Osco Drug ran the store until 2007, when CVS Corporation took over. It stayed a CVS store until 2019 when they announced it would close on April 1 of that year. After that, it became a place called Market Street Liquidation and Pallet Sales, which bought the building on July 17, 2022.

Why Are Pharmacies Closing?

Now, let’s talk about why some pharmacies, like this CVS store, are closing down. There are a bunch of reasons. One big one is that pharmacies are facing a lot of competition, and it’s getting harder to make money from prescriptions.

People also want more personalized and high-tech healthcare. CVS Health knows this, so they’re investing a lot of money, over $3 billion, in making their digital services better in 2022. They’re even testing a system where customers can let the pharmacy know when they’ll pick up their medicines.

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Kathleen Bashur from the National Association of Chain Drug Stores says there isn’t just one reason for all of this. She reminds us that businesses, no matter their size or what they sell, have to change and adapt to what customers want. It’s all about keeping up with the times!

So, that’s the story of the Sunshine and Glenstone CVS stores and why pharmacies like CVS are making changes. They want to provide the best healthcare they can in a world where things keep on changing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I check if my nearest CVS store is closing?

You can check the official CVS website or search for news articles about store closings in your area.

2. Will all CVS stores be closing?

No, only select CVS stores are closing due to various reasons such as low sales or a change in business strategy.

3. Can I still fill my prescriptions at a closing CVS store?

Yes, CVS will transfer your prescription to a nearby CVS store if your local store is closing. You will be notified in advance of any changes.

4. Will CVS employees be losing their jobs due to store closings?

CVS will make efforts to transfer affected employees to nearby stores. However, some employees may be laid off if no suitable positions are available.

5. What happens to the products and inventory at a closing CVS store?

The products and inventory at a closing CVS store are typically sold off or transferred to other CVS stores.

6. Can I still use my CVS ExtraCare rewards at a closing store?

Yes, you can still use your ExtraCare rewards at a closing CVS store until it officially closes. After that, rewards can be used at other CVS locations.
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