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Nope, it’s not legit at all., also known as Doublesell or Doublesell co uk, is a suspicious online store that sells various items like scooters, blenders, espresso makers, and more, all at incredibly low prices. Let’s find out why you should be careful before shopping there.

What Are the Complaints About

People who have shopped at have had some bad experiences. On Trustpilot, this store has a super low rating of just 1.7, which is really bad. Here’s what some customers had to say:

  • “Total scam. I tried to cancel my order within 6 hours, as per their return policy, but got no response. Now I have to try to get my money back from my bank.”
  • “I ordered a car tilting lift on 02.06.2022 and tried to contact Doublesell several times, but no one replied. It’s now 11.06.2022, and I still haven’t heard anything. This company is a complete scam, and they’ve stolen my money.”
  • “Don’t use this company! It’s a scam. I lost almost £200 for nothing. 😓”
  • “I tried to buy a bike for my mom’s birthday from them, and I really couldn’t afford to lose that kind of money.”

Is Their Business Address Real?

The address they list as ‘254 Chester Road, Manchester, M15 4EX, United Kingdom’ is fake. There’s no real business there or nearby. So, we don’t really know where Doublesell’s physical store or warehouse is.

What About Customer Support?

You can’t really contact this store easily. The phone number ‘+44 7360252144’ doesn’t work, and they never respond to emails sent to [email protected].

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Is It a Safe Website? isn’t safe. It doesn’t have McAfee or Norton security, which means it could be vulnerable to hackers who might mess with your personal and financial information. So, your credit card isn’t safe on this website. Also, we can’t be sure if this store is even legit because it was only registered in May 2022.

In Conclusion

Doublesell, found at, is a scammy online store that tempts people with super cheap prices. But don’t be fooled! Their address and phone number are fake, and you probably won’t get your item after placing an order.

It’s similar to other sketchy sites like IGoodGames, BlackFridayGameLive, Clarkscanada, GreenworksOutlet, and kesslove.

What Should You Do If You’ve Been Scammed?

Shopping here could put your credit card at risk and lead to overcharged fees. You might also get an inferior item, a different, cheaper item, or nothing at all.

So, it’s a good idea to complain to your bank and ask for a new credit or debit card. If you used PayPal, make sure to take screenshots of your transactions for future reference.

Remember, online shopping is convenient, but always check how old the website is, if it provides a return address, if there are customer reviews online, and if the social media links work before making a purchase. Stay safe!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a legitimate store?

No, has been identified as a scam store and buyers should beware.

Are there any reviews?

Yes, there are a few reviews online from buyers who were scammed by the store.

How can I tell if a store is a scam?

Look out for signs such as extremely low prices, lack of contact information or customer service, and poor website design and functionality.

Can I get a refund if I was scammed by

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you will get a refund from a scam store. It's best to report the incident and move on.

How do I report a scam store?

You can report a scam store to organizations such as the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission.
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