Is Five Guys Closing Stores? – Is 5 Guys still around?

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let’s talk about Five Guys, the burger and fries place! You might have heard some gossip that they’re closing down in Florida and the whole USA. Is that true? Well, we’re here to find out.

What’s Five Guys?

First things first, what is Five Guys? It’s a famous fast-food spot known for its yummy burgers, crispy fries, and tasty hot dogs. They started back in 1986 by a guy named Jerry Murrell and his family. And guess what? They’ve grown big, with more than 1,600 locations in the USA and around the world.

Are They Still Open?

Now, the big question: Is Five Guys still open for business? Well, there have been some rumors flying around that they’re shutting down some places. But guess what? Those rumors aren’t true! Five Guys says they’re not closing up shop.

Sure, a few individual Five Guys restaurants might decide to close or move somewhere else, but the whole chain is still going strong. They’ve got more than 1,700 locations worldwide, and they’re even planning to open up 1,300 more. So, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

Is Five Guys Closing in Florida?

Hey, are you wondering if Five Guys is closing down in Florida? Well, the good news is, they’re not! Despite the tough times restaurants faced during the pandemic, Five Guys is still flipping burgers in the Sunshine State.

What’s the Scoop in Florida?

I did a little digging, and it turns out that Five Guys is doing just fine in Florida. They’ve got lots of locations there, and they’re not planning to shut any of them down. You can even check their official website to see all the places they’re still serving up those delicious burgers and fries.

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Any Recent Closures?

Now, here’s the thing: In the past year, a few Five Guys spots in Florida did close temporarily. But that doesn’t mean they’re gone for good. Sometimes, places have to take a break for various reasons. For example, one restaurant in Tampa temporarily closed, but there wasn’t a specific reason given. And there’s another one in Orlando that’s currently closed.

But remember, these closures don’t mean Five Guys is closing all its Florida locations or anywhere else in the USA. They’re still in the game.

What About the USA as a Whole?

Five Guys isn’t packing up and leaving the entire USA either. Those rumors about them shutting down everywhere started with just one tweet in late 2020 talking about one location closing. But that’s not the big picture.

Five Guys has over 1,300 stores in the USA, and they’re still going strong. In fact, they’re even expanding to new places like Australia! So, no need to worry, Five Guys is here to stay in the USA.

So, in a Nutshell…

To wrap it up, Five Guys is not closing in Florida or the USA. Sure, they faced some challenges, and a few locations took a temporary break, but they’re not going anywhere. You can still enjoy those juicy burgers and crispy fries at your nearest Five Guys. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Five Guys closing stores?

No, there is no evidence that Five Guys is closing stores. In fact, the chain has been expanding and opening new locations in recent years.

2. Is Five Guys struggling financially?

There is no evidence to suggest that Five Guys is struggling financially. The chain has reported consistent growth and profitability over the years.

3. Is Five Guys still around?

Yes, Five Guys is still around and going strong. The chain has over 1,600 locations worldwide and continues to expand.

4. Has Five Guys filed for bankruptcy?

No, Five Guys has not filed for bankruptcy and there are no indications that they plan to do so in the future.

5. Are Five Guys stores closing due to COVID-19?

While some Five Guys locations have closed temporarily due to COVID-19 restrictions, there is no evidence to suggest that the chain is closing stores permanently as a result of the pandemic.
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