Ford Edge discontinued – When did Ford stop making Edge?

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Let’s talk about the Ford Edge SUV. You might have heard that Ford decided to say goodbye to it. But why did they do that, and what’s happening next? Let’s break it down!

1. Goodbye to the Ford Edge

Yep, it’s true. Ford has decided to stop making the Ford Edge SUV. This means you won’t find it in car dealerships from 2023 onwards. But why did they do this?

2. Why Did Ford Say Goodbye?

Ford had a lot of different car models, and they needed more space for new ones. The Ford Edge also didn’t become as popular as they hoped. Many people didn’t know much about it.

3. Changes in Production

Before, they made the Ford Edge in Canada, but by the end of 2022, they’ll make it in China. After that, they won’t make it anymore.

4. What About North America?

In North America (that’s countries like the United States and Canada), you won’t be able to buy the Ford Edge anymore. But in China and some other Asian countries, they’ll still have it, just not the same kind you might have known.

5. Ford’s Future

Ford is focusing on making other cars that people really like. They wanted the Ford Edge to do well, but it didn’t, so they decided to stop making it.

6. What About the 2023 Model?

Don’t worry; you’ll still see new Ford cars in the future. The 2023 models are coming! You can check them out on Ford’s website. The prices start at $37,000. But after this, you won’t see any more Ford Edges.

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7. Was the Ford Edge a Good Car?

Yes, the Ford Edge had cool features for an SUV. It looked sleek with its 19-inch wheels and all-black interior. It even had leather seats! Under the hood, it had a 2-liter four-cylinder engine that could go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 7.5 seconds. It was smooth to drive and had a stylish design.

So, while the Ford Edge might not be around anymore, it was still a pretty cool car while it lasted.

What Made the Ford Edge Special?

Let’s dive into the cool stuff about the Ford Edge! This SUV had some awesome features that made it stand out.

1. Big Screen and Connectivity

Inside the Ford Edge, you’d find a huge 12-inch touchscreen. It could connect to your phone or other gadgets easily. You could also use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with it. Fancy, right?

2. High-Quality Interior

The materials used inside were top-notch and fancy. Everything felt nice and expensive.

3. Plenty of Space

This car had loads of space inside. You could even stretch out and sleep comfortably in the back seat. And if you were packing for a trip, no worries – there was lots of room for luggage, even a bunch of suitcases.

4. Great for Road Trips

If you love long drives and road trips, the Ford Edge was your friend. It drove smoothly and was comfy for those hours on the road.

5. Clever Storage

They thought of everything! There were plenty of spots to keep your personal stuff safe and organized.

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6. The Ford Edge’s Future

Even though they’re not making new Ford Edges, the ones out there had some awesome features. Ford doesn’t have plans to bring it back, but who knows what the future holds?

In Conclusion

So, the Ford Edge was a pretty awesome SUV, but Ford decided to stop making it. The 2023 model is the last one, and once it’s out there, that’s it. But if you’re interested, you can pre-book it on Ford’s official website. So, while the Ford Edge might be saying goodbye, it’s leaving us with some great memories!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When did Ford stop making the Edge?

Ford did not completely discontinue the Edge, but production of the third generation is expected to end in 2023.

2. Why is Ford planning to stop making the Edge?

The decision to end production of the Edge is part of Ford's broader strategy to focus on producing more profitable SUVs and electric vehicles.

3. Will Ford replace the Edge with another SUV?

Ford has not announced plans for a direct replacement for the Edge, but it is likely that they will introduce a new model in a similar size and price range to fill the gap in their lineup.

4. Should I still consider buying a Ford Edge?

Yes, the Ford Edge is still a reliable and well-regarded SUV. Additionally, the fact that production is ending may make it easier to get a good deal on a new or used model.

5. What other SUVs does Ford offer?

Ford's SUV lineup includes the Escape, Explorer, Expedition, and Bronco Sport, among others.
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