Is Baskin Robbins going out of business? – Why they closing permanently

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Have you ever enjoyed a delicious scoop of Baskin Robbins ice cream? Baskin Robbins is a famous American brand known for its yummy ice cream flavors, which you can find in many places around the world. But lately, there’s been some surprising news about Baskin Robbins, and we’re here to break it down for you!

What Makes Baskin Robbins Special? Baskin Robbins is super famous because it was one of the very first ice cream brands to make and sell lots of different flavors. They’ve been doing this for a long time, and their ice cream has become really popular. In fact, some of their flavors are so good that other ice cream makers have tried to copy them! Plus, they often create special flavors just for holidays like Christmas and New Year’s.

The Big Surprise Recently, Baskin Robbins shared some unexpected news on their Facebook page. They said they were going to close all their stores in the Philippines. This news surprised a lot of people because Baskin Robbins had been a successful business for many years. This sudden decision made folks wonder if the company was still making enough money.

What’s Happening in the Philippines? Baskin Robbins is saying goodbye to its fans in the Philippines by closing its stores there at the end of 2022. That means if you live in the Philippines, you won’t be able to enjoy their ice cream in a store until 2023. But here’s something cool: right now, they’re offering some special deals on their ice cream as a way to say thanks to the people in the Philippines for all the love and support they’ve shown over the years.

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What’s Next for Baskin Robbins? So, is Baskin Robbins going out of business everywhere? As of now, it seems like they’re only closing their stores in the Philippines. We don’t know for sure what the future holds for this ice cream brand in other places. But what we do know is that Baskin Robbins has been a big part of many people’s lives, and it’ll be interesting to see what happens next!

Remember, things can change in the business world, and companies sometimes make decisions that surprise us. But for now, if you’re a fan of Baskin Robbins, you can still enjoy their ice cream in many other parts of the world.

What’s Going on with Baskin Robbins?

Is Baskin Robbins Still Open for Business? Yep, Baskin Robbins is still up and running as the world’s biggest ice cream chain! They’ve been growing like crazy and have stores in over 50 countries. So, despite what some people might think, Baskin Robbins is making money and expanding.

The Surprise in the Philippines But here’s the twist: Baskin Robbins recently shocked everyone by deciding to close all their stores in the Philippines. This made folks wonder if they were still making enough money. The reason for this big decision hasn’t been revealed yet, but it seems like Baskin Robbins is doing just fine financially.

A Fresh Look for Baskin Robbins In April 2022, Baskin Robbins gave itself a makeover. They changed their logo, colors, and even the uniforms of their employees. Why? Well, they wanted to bring something new to the table and not just be known as an old-fashioned ice cream chain. They’re trying to connect with today’s young people, so they’ve added cool stuff like funky designs and digital screens for ordering.

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The Russia Situation Here’s another twist: Baskin Robbins had to hit pause on their ice cream in Russia. It’s because of the tension between Russia and the United States, like a Cold War. Both countries put sanctions on each other, and that meant Baskin Robbins had to change its name in Russia. So, it’s now called JSC BRPI over there.

Are They Going Out of Business? With all these changes, some people might think Baskin Robbins is going under, but that’s not true at all. They’re still a profitable business and are busy scooping ice cream in many places worldwide. So, if you love their unique flavors, don’t worry, you can still enjoy them in lots of countries!


Baskin Robbins is not out of business or discontinued. The brand is operating successfully in the market and making many profits. Only recently, the brand decided to discontinue all of its offline stores in the Philippines, making people believe that it is facing huge losses. But that is not true at all. There might be other reasons behind this decision to close all the stores in the Philippines. But it is false to say that Baskin and Robbins are going out of business as it is making profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Baskin Robbins going out of business permanently?

As of now, there is no official statement that Baskin Robbins is going out of business permanently. However, due to the current pandemic situation, some locations may have closed temporarily or permanently.

2. Why are some Baskin Robbins locations closing?

Some Baskin Robbins locations may be closing due to several factors, including financial struggles, the effects of the pandemic, and the franchisee's decision to close or sell the business.

3. Will I still be able to get Baskin Robbins ice cream?

Yes, Baskin Robbins has several locations worldwide. You can still enjoy their ice cream in various locations. You can check their website to find the nearest outlet to your location.

4. How can I find out if my local Baskin Robbins is closing or not?

If there is any news about the closing of your local Baskin Robbins, it will be posted on their official website or social media pages. You can also contact them directly to know if they are closing or not.

5. Can I still apply for a job at Baskin Robbins?

Yes, you can still apply for a job at Baskin Robbins. If any location near you is hiring, you can check their website or contact them to know the application process.

6. Is Baskin Robbins taking any precautions due to the pandemic?

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