Is Big Lots going out of business? – Why They Closed Stores

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Big Lots is a store where you can find cool stuff to make your home look awesome. They have all sorts of nice things for your house, and people really like them because they don’t charge too much for the stuff.

But here’s the scoop: Some Big Lots stores are closing down. In March 2020, one of these stores shut its doors for good. And guess what? They’re not done yet. More stores will close in the future to try and sell more stuff, according to Jonathan Ramsden, who’s like a big boss at Big Lots.

Ramsden said they might close more stores than they open this year. That means they want to make sure the stores they have are doing well before they open new ones. They’re also keeping an eye on the stores that aren’t doing so great.

So, is Big Lots going out of business? Not all of them, but some are closing to make things better. And that’s the latest news about Big Lots!

Why Is Big Lots Closing Some Stores?

So, why is Big Lots closing some of its stores? Well, the big boss, Bruce Thorn, says it’s because people don’t have as much extra money to spend. You know, the money you use for fun stuff and things you don’t really need.

They’re still going to open some new stores, but not as many as before. And they’re focusing on places where there aren’t as many people, like in the countryside.

Now, this isn’t just something Big Lots is doing. Lots of other businesses are also closing some of their stores to save money, just in case things get tough.

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But here’s the thing: When stores close, it can affect the communities around them. So, if you live near one of the Big Lots stores on this list, it might be closing soon:

  1. 8525 Auburn Boulevard, Citrus Heights, California 95610
  2. 7991 Amador Valley Boulevard, Dublin, CA 94568, Dublin, California
  3. Ridgecrest, California: Santa Ana, CA 92705, 2360–2390 N Tustin Ave

That’s the scoop on why Big Lots is closing some stores and where they’re closing them.

Is Big Lots Going Out of Business?

Hey there! So, you might be wondering if Big Lots, that cool store with home stuff, is going out of business. Well, the story has a few twists.

At first, Big Lots was super excited about opening lots of new stores. They even wanted to open 500 new ones in the next few years, with 50 in 2022 and even more in 2023. But there was a problem. They had about the same number of stores before they made this plan, so they needed to do something about it.

They said they’d do a “store intervention program” to try and not close too many stores. But now, things have changed. They’re actually closing more stores than they’re opening, according to what a guy named Ramsden said during a meeting on December 1.

They’re selling some of their stores and shutting down others because they want to make more money. Ramsden also said that some of their stores weren’t doing very well, so they want to close them faster.

Now, they used to say they’d have more stores opening than closing, but that’s not the case anymore. In 2022, they’ll open 50 new stores but close a similar or even more number of old ones. And in 2023, they’ll open even fewer.

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Big Lots really likes small towns and places with fewer competitors because it’s cheaper for them to run stores there. They sell furniture and home stuff, and they want to make sure they have stores where people want that stuff.

So, the big question is, is Big Lots still around? Well, yes, they are! They’re just changing things up a bit, opening some new stores, and closing some old ones. But for now, they’re still in business, so you can keep shopping for your cool home stuff there.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Big Lots going out of business?

No, Big Lots is not going out of business.

2. Why did Big Lots close some stores?

Big Lots closed some stores due to a variety of reasons, including underperformance, strategic restructuring, and lease expiration.

3. How many stores did Big Lots close?

In 2019, Big Lots closed 5 stores.

4. Are more store closures expected?

There is no indication that more store closures are expected at this time.

5. Are closing stores having liquidation sales?

When stores close, Big Lots may have liquidation sales to clear out merchandise.

6. Will Big Lots continue to open new stores?

Yes, Big Lots does have plans to continue opening new stores in areas where it makes strategic sense.
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