Is Cinnamon Jolly Ranchers discontinued: Are they still now?

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Sometimes, Jolly Ranchers stop making certain candies that people really liked. For example, the Watermelon Jolly Ranchers, which first came out in the 1990s, aren’t made anymore.

But what about Cinnamon Jolly Ranchers? Well, good news! They used to disappear in 2013 because Jolly Ranchers wanted to change things up. But lots of people missed them, so in 2019, they started making them again.

You can find Cinnamon Jolly Ranchers in big stores like Walmart and places that sell lots of candy. So, if you love the spicy-sweet taste of cinnamon, you can still enjoy your favorite candy!

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Is Jolly Rancher Candy Going Through Changes?

How did Jolly Rancher Candy Start?

A long time ago in 1949, a couple named Bill and Dorothy Harmsen started the Jolly Rancher Company. They opened candy shops in places like Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska. At first, they sold chocolate candy and a popular five-cent cinnamon taffy stick.

Growing and Adding New Flavors

Because people loved that cinnamon taffy so much, the Jolly Rancher Company decided to make more types of hard candies. At first, they had flavors like watermelon, apple, and fire stix. But today, you can find flavors like cherry, blue raspberry, grape, green apple, and watermelon. They even have smoothie, sour, and cinnamon flavors.

Hershey’s Takes Over

Now, Hershey’s is the company that sells Jolly Rancher hard candy. They didn’t stop at just hard candy; they started making other tasty treats like jelly beans, gummies, fruit chews, and even sugar-free candies. You can still enjoy those yummy cherry, blue raspberry, grape, green apple, and watermelon flavors.

Changes Over Time

Jolly Rancher has made some changes over the years. They used to have a mix with cherries, watermelon, strawberries, and fruit punch in a red bag, but that’s not around anymore. They also stopped selling wild berry and peach-flavored passion mix since about 2012. In 2019, they said goodbye to the Hotties blend. In 2020, they brought back the peach flavor in an “all-peach” bag but removed the mountain berry flavor from the Fruity Bash bag. So, the Jolly Rancher brand has been changing.

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Why is Jolly Rancher Popular?

Jolly Rancher has been making money for a long time because they have a recipe that’s been working since the 1950s. They also keep trying new things, like cherry lemonade flavor. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jolly Rancher did really well because they are one of the top companies in their field, and they made a lot of money.

Are Jolly Ranchers Dangerous?

What’s the Most Popular Jolly Rancher Flavor?

Many people love Jolly Ranchers, and it turns out that watermelon is the favorite flavor for most folks. A poll in 2020 found that watermelon was the top choice, followed by cherry, green apple, and blue raspberry. But preferences can vary depending on where you live. For example, people in the Midwest really like cherry flavor.

Who Makes Jolly Ranchers?

The Hershey Company is the one that makes Jolly Rancher candy. In the United States, you can find flavors like fruit punch, watermelon, blue raspberry, cherry, grape, green apple, and cherry.

FDA’s Concerns

In 2019, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said they were worried about all the different flavors of Jolly Ranchers. They were thinking about keeping only the original, plain kind in stores. This decision came because there were some unexplained deaths related to eating candy.

According to the FDA, Jolly Ranchers have flavors like blue raspberry, cherry, watermelon, grape, and green apple, which might attract young people. But these hard candies are meant for adults, not kids. The FDA wants to make sure fewer people get addicted to candy from a young age. They plan to get rid of all the sweet and sour varieties, including chewable Jolly Rancher candies and jelly beans.

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Most Jolly Rancher fans are under 18, and at that age, their brains are still growing. Having lots of delicious flavors around might not be good for them.

Long-Term Effects

Scientists are still studying how Jolly Ranchers might affect a person’s brain development in the long run. But we do know that they could lead to addiction to even harder candies like jawbreakers or atomic fireballs.

Cinnamon Flavor Warning

It’s important to note that buying the “cinnamon fire” flavor of Jolly Ranchers, which the Drug Enforcement Administration considers a restricted narcotic, is illegal in all 50 states. So, be careful with that one!

Flavors That Are No Longer Available

Are Smoothie Jolly Ranchers Still Around?

Yes, they are! The Hershey’s Company, the ones who make Jolly Ranchers, started selling smoothie-flavored Jolly Ranchers in 2018, and they’re still making them today. These smoothie candies come in different flavors that mix together.

Peach-Flavored Jolly Ranchers

For a while, you could get Peach-flavored Jolly Ranchers in various forms like hard candy, lollipops, and airheads. People really loved them, even though the original Peach Jolly Ranchers stopped being made. They were taken off the shelves in January 2020, then came back for a short time between April and November 2020, but haven’t been seen since.

Pink Jolly Ranchers

If you’re a fan of pink Jolly Ranchers, Hershey’s has got you covered. They make pink ones with a cherry flavor that’s both sweet and tart. You can also find pink Jolly Rancher gummies, lollipops, flavorings for drinks, and other candies.

Wild Berry Jelly Beans

You can still find Wild Berry Jolly Rancher candies in the shape of jelly beans. But if you’re looking for the original mix of Wild Berry Jolly Rancher hard candies, unfortunately, that’s no longer available.

Cinnamon Fire Jolly Ranchers

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The Cinnamon Fire flavor of Jolly Ranchers has been discontinued. The company takes into account what customers say when deciding to stop making a candy. They understand that some folks really liked Cinnamon Fire, and they appreciate the fans’ loyalty.

In conclusion, eating too many Jolly Ranchers can have some negative effects on our health. It all depends on how much sugar we consume.

Having too much sugar can lead to various digestive problems, ranging from mild discomfort to more severe issues. It can also mess with our blood sugar levels and, in extreme cases, even cause a sugar overdose. On top of that, overindulging in sugary treats like Jolly Ranchers can contribute to weight gain and cavities.

Another concern is that some types of Jolly Ranchers are quite acidic, which can harm our tooth enamel over time. Plus, the high sugar content and artificial ingredients in these candies might play a role in hormonal and inflammatory problems in our bodies. So, it’s important to keep our candy intake in check and focus on eating a balanced, healthy diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cinnamon Jolly Ranchers discontinued?

Yes, Cinnamon Jolly Ranchers were discontinued by the manufacturer.

When were Cinnamon Jolly Ranchers discontinued?

Cinnamon Jolly Ranchers were discontinued in the early 2000s.

Why were Cinnamon Jolly Ranchers discontinued?

The reason for discontinuing Cinnamon Jolly Ranchers is unknown, but it could be due to low sales or changes in the company's marketing strategy.

Can I still buy Cinnamon Jolly Ranchers?

It is unlikely that you will find Cinnamon Jolly Ranchers in stores, but some online retailers may still carry them.

Are there any alternatives to Cinnamon Jolly Ranchers?

Yes, there are other cinnamon-flavored candies available such as Atomic Fireballs and Hot Tamales.

Will Cinnamon Jolly Ranchers ever make a comeback?

It is unlikely that Cinnamon Jolly Ranchers will be produced again unless the manufacturer decides to bring them back due to popular demand.
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