Is Field and Stream going out of business?

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Have you heard some rumors about Field and Stream and Dick’s Sporting Goods closing down? Well, let’s talk about what’s really happening with these stores, but in a way that’s easy to understand.

What’s Going on with Field and Stream?

So, first things first, is Field and Stream still around? It’s a bit complicated. The CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods, Edward Stack, said in 2020 that they want to do something new. They plan to create something called “Public Lands” and step away from Field and Stream and selling firearms. This decision was made before all the stuff with COVID-19 happened.

What’s “Public Lands”?

“Public Lands” is a new idea from Dick’s Sporting Goods. It’s all about enjoying the outdoors, like camping, hiking, kayaking, and fishing. They thought this was a big and exciting idea!

What’s Happening to Field and Stream?

The first two Field and Stream stores to change into “Public Lands” will be in Columbus, Ohio, and Pittsburgh. They believe a lot of people love outdoor activities, and this change will be a good thing.

What’s Changing Inside the Stores?

When they switch from Field and Stream to “Public Lands,” they won’t sell hunting stuff anymore. Some other sections in the stores might also change.

What about Firearms?

Dick’s Sporting Goods stopped selling some firearms a few years ago. They even sold eight Field and Stream stores to another company in 2019. So, they’ve been making changes for a while.

What’s Next?

In 2021, the CEO, Edward Stack, was going to step down from his role, and someone named Lauren Hobart would take over. He’d still work for the company, just in a different role. And remember, they’re planning to open the first “Public Lands” stores in 2020.

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So, to sum it up, Field and Stream stores are changing into “Public Lands” stores, which will focus on outdoor activities. Some things inside the stores will be different, but they’re excited about this new idea!

Field and Stream Locations: What’s Happening?

Hey, let’s dive into what’s going on with Field and Stream locations. Some changes have been happening, and we’ll break it down for you.

Public Lands: The New Thing

In November 2021, something called “Public Lands” opened up in the old Field & Stream spot at Polaris Fashion Place. But it’s not about guns and weapons anymore. Instead, it’s all about the outdoors, like running shoes and climbing gear.

A Different Kind of Outdoors

When Public Lands opened, the President, Todd Spaletto, said that there’s a new kind of love for the outdoors. It’s not just for the super outdoorsy folks; it’s for everyone who enjoys nature.

More Public Lands Stores

After Pittsburgh got a Public Lands store in September 2021, the next one was at Polaris, right next door to the old Field & Stream. These stores are owned by Dick’s Sporting Goods.

What’s Inside Public Lands?

The main focus in these stores is clothing, and they have lots of cool brands. You can also find gear for sports like skiing, jogging, climbing, biking, hiking, and fishing.

Fun Stuff in the Store

Public Lands even has an “art bar” where you can draw or color, especially for kids. They’ve decorated the store with pictures of nearby places like Hocking Hills. And guess what? They have a 30-foot-high climbing wall! You can also grab some local snacks like Charqui Jerky and Lapp It Up! Kombucha, and Roosevelt Coffee.

Testing the Waters

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Todd Spaletto, the CEO of Public Lands, wants to see how things go for the next few months and make any needed changes before opening more stores. The big boss of Dick’s Sporting Goods, Lauren Hobart, thinks Public Lands can find its place in the outdoor retail world, even though they’re still testing things out.

Another New Concept Store

In 2022, another new store called “Public Lands” planned to open its third location in Kennesaw. This one will replace another store called Field & Stream, which is also related to Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Todd Spaletto: The Guy in Charge

The CEO of Public Lands, Todd Spaletto, has lots of experience in retail. He’s worked for companies like The North Face and JanSport. He’s been part of some big things!

What’s the Idea Behind Public Lands?

Public Lands is kind of like REI, a place for outdoor enthusiasts. They’re planning to donate 1% of their revenue to support organizations that protect and improve outdoor spaces and promote equality in outdoor activities.

More Public Lands Stores

There’s also going to be a fourth Public Lands store in Framingham, Massachusetts. It’s a big place, and it’ll join other stores like Golf Galaxy, TJMaxx, Marshalls, HomeSense, and Sierra, all focused on outdoor stuff.

What’s Next?

So, as of December 2022, Public Lands has three stores across the country. They offer lots of cool sports activities in a sports store. And there’s more to come!

House of Sports by Dick’s Sporting Goods

One more thing: Dick’s Sporting Goods has a new idea called the “House of Sports.” They have cool activities like climbing walls and batting cages. It’s a place to enjoy sports, from ice skating to golf, and even P.E. classes.

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Champaign Facility

If you’re in Champaign, they’re planning something cool, but we don’t know the exact date it will open. Keep an eye out for it!

So, that’s the scoop on what’s happening with Field and Stream and the new Public Lands stores. Lots of changes and exciting things for outdoor lovers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Field and Stream going out of business?

There has been no official announcement from Field and Stream indicating that they are going out of business.

Are there any signs that Field and Stream may be closing?

There have been some reports of store closures and financial struggles, but nothing definitive to suggest that the company is going out of business.

Can I still shop at Field and Stream?

Yes, as of now, Field and Stream stores are still open and customers can continue to shop there.

Should I be concerned about the financial health of Field and Stream?

It is always a good idea to keep an eye on the financial health of any company you do business with, but there is no need for immediate concern regarding Field and Stream.

Will Field and Stream honor gift cards and returns if they do go out of business?

It is unclear what would happen to gift cards and returns in the event that Field and Stream does go out of business. It is best to use gift cards and make returns as soon as possible to avoid any potential issues.

Is there a possibility that Field and Stream will be acquired by another company?

Anything is possible, but there have been no rumors or announcements indicating that Field and Stream is in talks to be acquired by another company.
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