Is Liquid Piston a good investment and how it’s stock value?

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If you’re wondering if investing in Liquid Piston is a smart choice, let’s break it down into simpler terms.

What Is Liquid Piston Technology?

Liquid Piston is a company that makes really cool engines. They’re different from regular engines you see in cars and drones. These engines are smaller and lighter. Imagine a mini-engine that can do big things!

The X-Engine – A Game Changer

They have this super cool engine called the X-Engine. It’s like a mini superhero engine. It’s much smaller and lighter than the engines we use in cars and trucks. Plus, it can go farther without making as much pollution.

Why Is It Special?

The X-Engine is special because it’s designed in a smart way. It doesn’t have lots of heavy parts like regular engines. It only has two important parts that move: the rotor and the shaft. And guess what? They are perfectly balanced, which makes the engine work really smoothly.

Less Noise, More Efficiency

This engine is not noisy like the engines in some cars. It’s also way more efficient. That means it doesn’t use as much fuel, which is good for the environment.

What About Investing?

Now, should you invest in Liquid Piston? Well, some people think it’s a good idea because this company is doing something new and exciting with engines. But there are also some concerns. The company has been around for 19 years, but they haven’t put their product in the market yet. And that’s making some people worried.

Investing in Startups

Sometimes, people invest in companies like Liquid Piston when they are just starting. They hope that one day, these companies will make lots of money, and then the investors can make money too. But it’s a bit like a gamble because there’s a risk that it might not work out.

What’s Important to Know?

Before you decide to invest in Liquid Piston or any company, it’s important to do your homework. Check if they have a solid plan, a good track record, and if their product is really ready for the market. Also, keep in mind that investing always carries some risk.

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So, is Liquid Piston a good investment? It’s a tough question, and you should think about it carefully or maybe even talk to a financial advisor if you’re not sure. Remember, investing is like a journey, and you want to make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

Is LiquidPiston a Good Investment? Let’s Break It Down

Alright, let’s talk about whether investing in LiquidPiston is a smart move. We’ll keep it simple.

Why Some People Are Concerned

One big concern is that LiquidPiston has been around since 2003, but they still haven’t launched their product in the market after almost 20 years. That’s a pretty long time! And it might be tricky to convince folks to use a brand-new kind of engine in 2023 and beyond.

The Potential

But wait, some folks see potential here. They’ve actually got working products that are used in small drones, go-karts, and generators. Plus, they have some connections with the military to make this stuff. So, they’re not just sitting around doing nothing.

The Problem with Their Income

Here’s where it gets tricky. Most of the money LiquidPiston makes comes from government research grants and consulting contracts, not from selling their engines. That’s a bit of a red flag because, after all this time, they still don’t have a product that’s ready to hit the market big time.

A Changing Market

Now, here’s the thing about the engine market. Lots of big car companies are saying they’ll switch to all-electric cars in the next 10-20 years. People are loving electric cars, and regular engines are not as popular as they used to be. So, LiquidPiston might have a tough time competing with these big changes.

What They’re Good For

However, there are still some places where LiquidPiston’s engines could shine. Like in airplanes and portable generators. These things need to be powerful but not too thirsty for gas. But, we’re still a bit away from having the right technology for electric planes, and it’ll take time for them to become widespread.

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Financial Troubles

Now, let’s talk about the money. LiquidPiston has been raising money from crowdfunding, and a big chunk of their income is from government contracts and consulting. That’s not a great sign for a company that’s been around for so long. They’ve only had one profitable year in 2017, and they’re carrying a $26 million debt. That’s not a clear path to success.

Insiders Selling Stocks

To make things more complicated, people who work inside LiquidPiston, like the CEO and CTO, are selling their stocks. They’re leaving the company because the profits are going down, and the product still isn’t ready after nearly two decades.

The Big Question

So, here’s the big question: Is LiquidPiston worth investing in? Well, it’s a bit of a gamble. They have some cool technology, but they’ve been around for a long time without a major product launch. Plus, they’re not making a lot of money from selling engines. Before you decide to invest, it’s crucial to do your homework, consider the risks, and maybe even talk to a financial expert. Remember, investing isn’t always a sure thing, and you want to make informed choices with your money.

Looking Forward for Liquid Piston in 2023

So, what’s the plan for Liquid Piston in 2023? Let’s sum it up!

Facing Supply Chain Challenges

In 2022, Liquid Piston had to deal with some tough supply chain problems. But they didn’t let that stop them. They made some big progress in developing their small rotary X-engine. They’re working hard to make it top-notch and ready for heavy-duty tasks, like powering stuff for the U.S. Army. They’re going to share more exciting news about their products in the coming months.

2023: A Big Year Ahead

The year 2023 is shaping up to be a crucial one for Liquid Piston. They’re focusing on their commitments to the Army and Air Force. They want to compete for new product opportunities and other cool projects for the Department of Defense (DoD). They’re also investing more in research and technology demos. They’ve got a bunch of patents in the works, adding to their collection.

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Growing the Team and Making New Friends

Liquid Piston is getting even better by building up their teams. They want to become a company that not only creates cool technology but also makes awesome products. They’re looking to team up with industrial companies and military folks to find new partners. And they’re working on completing their Reg A+ campaign, which will help them get the money they need to turn their engines into real products for everyone to use.

So, it looks like Liquid Piston is gearing up for an exciting and busy year ahead in 2023!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Liquid Piston a good investment?

There are no guarantees in investing, but Liquid Piston has a promising technology and is backed by reputable investors. Their engine has potential in multiple industries, such as automotive and military.

2. How has Liquid Piston's stock value performed in the past?

As a private company, Liquid Piston's stocks are not publicly traded. They have received significant investments from venture capital firms and government contracts.

3. Will Liquid Piston become publicly traded?

There is no news regarding an initial public offering (IPO) from Liquid Piston at the moment.

4. What are some risks associated with investing in Liquid Piston?

Investing in any startup or emerging technology company carries risks, such as market competition, regulatory hurdles, and financial instability. It is important to conduct thorough research and seek professional advice before investing.

5. What are some potential future developments for Liquid Piston?

Liquid Piston is currently working on developing their engine technology for various applications, such as electric vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles. They have also received contracts from the Department of Defense for military use.

6. How can I invest in Liquid Piston?

As a private company, Liquid Piston is not open to public investment. However, interested investors can contact the company directly or seek participation through venture capital firms.
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