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Today, we’re going to talk about Soft Surroundings, which is a fashion store for women. You might have heard some rumors that they might be closing down, so let’s find out more about it.

What is Soft Surroundings?

Soft Surroundings is a store that sells clothes and accessories for women. They are known for offering stylish and comfortable clothing. It all started back in 1999, and now they have more than 150 stores all across the country.

Why Are They Closing Some Stores?

Now, here’s the important part. Soft Surroundings has been having some money troubles, and because of that, they had to close down some of their stores. We’ll talk about why they’re facing these financial problems.

Meet Robin Sheldon

The person behind Soft Surroundings is Robin Sheldon. She wanted to create a store where women could find clothes and things that make them feel good. Robin used to work in the fashion industry, so she knew what women like. She saw that there wasn’t much out there for women of a certain age, so she decided to fill that gap.

Expanding Soft Surroundings

With the help of Grant Williams, Soft Surroundings grew from a catalog business into a nationwide chain of stores. Their goal is to provide women with clothing, makeup, and bedroom stuff that makes their day comfortable and stylish. They want women to feel good about themselves, no matter their age.

Who Bought Soft Surroundings?

In 2012, a company called Brentwood bought Soft Surroundings. After the purchase, they worked together to change how Soft Surroundings operates. They made new store designs and improved how they choose where to put their stores.

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Growing Even More

Thanks to Brentwood, Soft Surroundings has more than doubled the number of their stores. They also started selling more things through catalogs and online. Their website became a big success, too.

So, while Soft Surroundings did face some financial challenges and had to close some stores, they are still around and growing in other ways. They’re working hard to make sure women have access to comfortable and stylish products.

Is Soft Surroundings Facing Financial Challenges?

Hey there, we’re going to talk about what’s going on with Soft Surroundings and whether they’re having some money troubles.

Customer Concerns

Some customers have noticed that Soft Surroundings stores don’t have as much stuff as they used to. They’ve also seen that the employees seem tired, and there aren’t as many of them working. This has raised concerns about whether the stores might have to close down soon.

Financial Decline

When we look at the company’s financial reports, we see that their income has been going down for the past five years. This drop in income is mostly because more people are shopping online instead of going to physical stores. Also, the reports show that Soft Surroundings has been spending more money than they’re making, which means they’re not making as much profit as they should.

What Other Stores Are Doing

Other big stores like Walmart have been making changes to save money. They’ve been reducing the number of employees and taking some products off their shelves. They’re also focusing more on selling things online and delivering them to people’s homes. These are all things they’re doing to stay competitive.

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Impact on Employees

Because of Soft Surroundings’ financial troubles, they’ve had to close down some of their stores. This has led to many employees losing their jobs. The employees who are still working have to do more tasks because there aren’t as many of them. This has made them stressed and unhappy, which makes it harder for them to do their jobs well.

Store Closures

Soft Surroundings started in 1999 as a catalog business and later opened stores. Some of these stores have had to close recently. For example, the Soft Surroundings store in Orland Park at Orland Crossing said it would close by the end of 2022, which made customers sad but excited for big discounts. Another store in St. Johns Town Center closed too.

What’s Next for Soft Surroundings?

To deal with these problems, Soft Surroundings should focus on their online store. They should offer new services and try to spend less money. It’s also important that they help their employees during this tough time.

So, while Soft Surroundings is facing some financial issues and has had to close some stores, there are steps they can take to make things better in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Soft Surroundings really going out of business?

No, Soft Surroundings is not going out of business. However, the company has announced that it will be closing a number of its physical stores in the near future.

How many Soft Surroundings stores are closing?

It has not been confirmed how many Soft Surroundings stores will be closing at this time. The company has only stated that it will be closing a "limited number" of stores.

Will Soft Surroundings continue to sell products online?

Yes, Soft Surroundings will continue to sell its products online through its website and other online retailers.

Can I still redeem gift cards at Soft Surroundings stores?

Yes, customers can still redeem gift cards at Soft Surroundings stores that remain open. If a store closes before the gift card is redeemed, customers will still be able to use the gift card online.

Will employees at the closing stores lose their jobs?

Yes, employees at the Soft Surroundings stores that are closing will unfortunately lose their jobs. However, the company has stated that it will be offering severance packages and job placement assistance to affected employees.
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