Is VLive shutting down: what will replace it?

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So, you might have heard some news about VLive, the South Korean live-streaming service. It’s a bit sad, but I’ll explain it in a way that’s easy to understand.

Why is VLive Closing?

VLive told its users on October 30 that it’s going to shut down on December 31, 2022. That’s because another company called HYBE, which runs a similar app called Weverse, bought VLive back in March. They decided to close VLive.

What’s VLive All About?

VLive is like a place where famous Korean musicians could talk to their fans through live videos. They would do things like eat meals, celebrate birthdays, and make music, all while fans watched in real-time. It was super cool!

What Happens to the K-Pop Videos?

Now, the big question is, where will all those awesome K-pop videos be kept after VLive goes away? We don’t have all the details yet, but they’ll probably be stored somewhere else so fans can still enjoy them.

So, yes, VLive is saying goodbye, and it’s a bummer for artists and fans. But don’t worry, the K-pop magic will still be out there for us to enjoy!

Is VLive Disappearing?

Hey there, I’m here to explain what’s happening with VLive, a popular live-streaming service in South Korea.

What Was VLive All About?

VLive, also known as V App, was a platform where famous South Korean celebrities could go live online. They would perform, do reality shows, attend award ceremonies, and even chat with their fans in real-time. People could watch these live broadcasts on their computers (like Windows, macOS, and Linux) and on their smartphones (both iOS and Android).

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Big Names on VLive

Many big K-pop groups, like BTS, used VLive a lot. BTS had their famous series called “Run, BTS!” exclusively on VLive from 2015 to 2020. They posted more than 860 videos, and fans gave them over 2 billion responses and 12 billion likes!

VLive Going Global

VLive was awesome because it connected fans from all around the world, including Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. It had different languages, like English, Chinese, and Japanese, so everyone could enjoy it.

The Beginning and Collaboration

VLive started as a beta service in August 2015 and officially launched in September the same year. It was created by Big Hit Entertainment and Naver. These two companies joined forces in 2022, combining their fan platforms, Weverse and VLive.

VLive Says Goodbye

Here’s the big news: VLive announced that it’s shutting down on December 31, 2022, because it’s now part of Weverse. This move was made so they wouldn’t compete with each other.

What Happens to the Videos?

Now, you might be wondering what will happen to all those cool K-pop videos on VLive. Well, they’ll be moved to Weverse. Artists who were already on VLive when it ended will have their content moved over.

What About Artists Who Don’t Join Weverse?

If an artist doesn’t join Weverse before December 31, 2022, their content might disappear. That’s a bit worrying for some fans.

Will VLive Videos Be Deleted?

Not exactly. Weverse has been helping artists and their teams download their videos for a while now, so they won’t be lost forever. They’re working on moving content to Weverse, and by December 28, 2022, it should be done. But if an artist joins Weverse after VLive closes, it’s not clear if their old content will also be moved.

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Improvements Ahead

Weverse musicians like Tomorrow X Together, Seventeen, and Enhypen have been using VLive exclusively since August, getting ready for the big change. Weverse did try live streaming earlier in 2022, but it had some issues. They’re working on making it better now that they’ve taken over VLive.

So, that’s the story of VLive and its transition to Weverse. The K-pop world is still exciting, and the music and videos will keep on coming!

Is VLive Really Closing in 2023?

Hey there, let’s talk about what’s happening with VLive in 2023.

Weverse Live Takes Over

So, Weverse Live is the new thing that some artists on Weverse have started using. But not everyone is loving it – there are mixed opinions out there.

What Needs to Improve?

People who use the internet have some ideas about what Weverse should do better. They want the videos to get some upgrades. And there are some big issues that fans want fixed.

Translation Troubles

One problem that got fans upset was how long it takes for Weverse Live to add translations to videos. This can be a real bummer because it stops fans from watching videos in different languages. For example, there was a V LIVE by Taehyung on July 30, 2022, and later, it was posted on Weverse Live with subtitles.

In a Nutshell

Weverse says that VLive has been the place where artists and fans could talk in real-time for a long time. So, by joining forces with VLive, Weverse wants to keep growing as a platform for fans all around the world.

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That’s the scoop on VLive and Weverse. Things are changing, but the fun between artists and fans is still going strong!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is VLive really shutting down?

Yes, it has been officially announced by Naver, the company that owns VLive, that the platform will be shut down on September 30th, 2021.

2. What will happen to my VLive account after the shutdown?

Your VLive account, including your followers, saved videos, and channel subscriptions, will all be deleted permanently after the shutdown on September 30th, 2021.

3. Will there be a replacement for VLive?

Yes, it has been announced that a new platform, called 'Beyond LIVE,' will replace VLive as the new platform for SM Entertainment artists. It is expected to launch in October 2021.

4. Will Beyond LIVE be available to all VLive users?

Currently, it is unclear whether Beyond LIVE will be available to all VLive users or only to SM Entertainment artists and their fans. More information is expected to be released soon.

5. What will happen to VLive exclusive content?

As of now, it is unclear what will happen to VLive exclusive content. VLive has recommended that users download their favorite videos before the platform is shut down permanently on September 30th, 2021.

6. Will my V Live coins be refunded?

There has not been any official announcement concerning VLive coin refunds. Keep an eye on official updates for any news regarding refunds of VLive coins.
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