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Why More Walgreens Stores Are Closing?

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Hey there! It seems like more Walgreens stores are closing, and you might be wondering why. Let’s dig into the details.

Another Walgreens Closing in New York

In Rochester, New York, there’s another Walgreens store closing down. The one at the intersection of Thurston Road and Brooks Avenue will shut its doors for good on November 7. This news comes from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

Creating a “Pharmacy Desert”

The Rochester newspaper mentioned something called a “pharmacy desert.” This term is used when there aren’t any pharmacies within half a mile, especially in areas where people might not have cars. After November 7, folks in that area will have to travel two miles to find the nearest Walgreens. That’s tough, especially for those who walk to get their prescriptions and other stuff they need.

More Closures Coming

Guess what? There are more Walgreens stores closing next month. According to information from ScrapeHero, Walgreens used to have over 8,800 stores as of October 2022. But remember when they said they would close 200 stores back in 2019? Well, it looks like that’s happening now, and it’s not great news for New Yorkers, especially right before the holiday season.

Central New York Closures

In Central New York, four Walgreens stores will close in November. These include ones in North Syracuse, Canastota, Auburn, and Pulaski. Fraser Engerman, who works at Walgreens, said the decision to close these stores was tough. They looked at a bunch of things like how people in those areas shop and what the local market is like. It’s not clear yet if any other nearby stores will also close.

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Dates for Closures

We don’t have the exact closing dates for all the stores in Central New York, but the Walgreens in Dunkirk, New York, will close on November 14. The one in Cobleskill will follow on November 15. Walgreens says that changing “purchasing habits” are the main reason for these closures.

So, that’s the scoop on why more Walgreens stores are closing. It’s a big deal, especially for the folks who rely on these stores for their healthcare needs.

Looking Back at the Walgreens Era

Let’s take a moment to look back at the big Walgreens era. These drugstores were a common sight in cities, especially during the 1990s and 2000s. They popped up even when some independent stores and history buffs didn’t like it. But they weren’t just regular drugstores; they were everywhere, open all the time, and had pretty much everything you needed. They were like a savior for folks without cars. They had the convenience of a corner store, just much bigger and cheaper.

Walgreens in Center City, Philadelphia

One of these super-sized Walgreens stores opened up in Center City, Philadelphia, back in 2013. It was massive, covering 26,000 square feet with lots of bright lights. They even had Starbucks coffee and fresh-cut fruit! The Philadelphia Inquirer said it was a big deal, calling it the “flagship” for Walgreens moving into big cities in America. It showed that the doubters were wrong. But in February, this mega-store closed its doors.

So, that’s a little trip down memory lane, remembering the time when Walgreens stores were all over the place and how they made life easier for many folks. But as times change, so do the stores we rely on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Walgreens going out of business?

No, Walgreens is not going out of business.

How many stores is Walgreens closing?

Walgreens has not announced a specific number of stores that it will be closing.

Why is Walgreens closing stores?

Walgreens is closing stores as part of a plan to optimize its real estate portfolio and focus on its most profitable locations.

Is my local Walgreens store closing?

To find out if your local Walgreens store is closing, you can call the store directly or check the "Store Locator" section on the Walgreens website.

Will Walgreens be opening new stores?

Yes, Walgreens plans to open new stores in strategic locations where they can better serve their customers.

What will happen to Walgreens employees whose stores are closing?

Walgreens has stated that it will work to place affected employees in other nearby Walgreens stores, and provide severance packages for those who are unable to be placed.
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