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So, you might be wondering if you can still get your hands on Johnson Paste Wax, the wood care stuff that used to come in a yellow tin. Well, here’s the scoop: they stopped making it at the end of 2021.

Meet S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.

Now, let’s talk a bit about the company behind it all. S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc. is a family-owned company in the USA that makes cleaning and household products. The boss, H. Fisk Johnson, is actually the fifth generation of the Johnson family running the show.

Started with Floors, Ended with Wax

At first, they were all about parquet flooring, but then they got into other floor care stuff too. They had things like Johnson’s Prepared Wax, Johnson’s Dance Wax, and Johnson’s Wood Dye. They even sent someone all the way to Brazil in 1935 to find a good supply of wax!

All About That Paste Wax

Now, paste wax is something folks have been using for ages to give a smooth finish to wood projects. Some folks even use it to keep their tools and table saws in tip-top shape. It makes wood look nice and shiny while protecting it.

Changes Over Time

In 2018, they changed their slogan from “A Family Company” to “A Family Company at Work for a Better World.” Basically, they wanted to remind everyone that they’re trying to do good things.

Skin Allergens and Discontinued Products

In 2017, they listed 368 things that could cause skin allergies in their products. Johnson’s Paste Wax was one of their products, but remember, they don’t make it anymore. Even though it’s not in production, this stuff is still pretty good. It’s simple to use and doesn’t need much maintenance.

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A Great Wood Finish Option

If you’re looking for something to polish your tools and gear, this paste wax is still a solid choice. It also works well to keep rust away. Plus, it covers nicely and dries quickly, so you can put on a second coat faster than other wood finishes without worrying about the first one being dry enough. Cool, right?

Looking for Alternatives to Johnson Paste Wax?

If you’re on the hunt for something like Johnson’s Paste Wax, but can’t find it anymore, no worries! There are a couple of good alternatives out there. Let’s take a closer look at them.

1. Briwax: A Century-Old Favorite

First up, we have Briwax. This stuff has been around for over a hundred years, so it’s got some serious history. It’s a thick paste wax that stays nice and firm, making it easy to use. Just like Johnson’s, you can apply it to your wood projects.

2. Minwax: Quick and Tacky-Free

Another great option is Minwax. It’s a speedy worker, and it won’t leave your wood feeling all sticky. Plus, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and you won’t have to babysit it with tons of maintenance.

What’s in Johnson’s Paste Wax?

Now, let’s talk about what’s inside Johnson’s Paste Wax. It’s got a mix of ingredients like petroleum distillates, paraffin, synthetic wax, 1,2,4-trimethylbenzene, NYFD C, mineral spirits (those are the odorless ones), and Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax.

Carnauba Wax: Nature’s Shine Protector

Carnauba wax comes from a special palm tree, and it’s used in all kinds of things, even cosmetics. This wax is a real champ when it comes to making stuff look shiny and giving it a protective coat. The carnauba palm tree naturally makes this wax to shield its leaves from the sun and keep them from drying out. Pretty cool, right?

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So, there you have it! If you’re missing Johnson’s Paste Wax, Briwax and Minwax are some solid alternatives to keep your wood projects looking sharp. Happy woodworking!

In Conclusion: Things to Consider About Johnson’s Paste Wax

Alright, let’s wrap things up and talk about some important points to keep in mind when it comes to Johnson’s Paste Wax:

1. Health Concerns:

First and foremost, there are some health concerns to be aware of. This product falls into Category 2 for suspected carcinogenic properties, which means it might be linked to cancer. Additionally, constant exposure, especially when using it repeatedly, could lead to organ damage (Category 1). So, it’s crucial to use it with caution and consider safer alternatives.

2. Durability and Outdoor Use:

When it comes to how long it lasts, Johnson’s Paste Wax might not be the most durable choice. It may not perform at its best when used outdoors, and it doesn’t offer protection against UV radiation. Some users even reported that the product melted and turned into liquid in extremely hot conditions, making it challenging to work with.

So, before you decide to use Johnson’s Paste Wax, it’s a good idea to think about these factors and explore other options that might better suit your needs. Your health and the effectiveness of your project are essential, so make an informed choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Johnson Paste Wax still available for purchase?

At this time, Johnson Paste Wax is largely unavailable in retail stores, and there have been rumors of it being discontinued.

2. What are some alternative options to Johnson Paste Wax?

There are several options for similar products, including Briwax, Minwax Paste Wax, and SC Johnson Paste Wax for floors.

3. Can I still find Johnson Paste Wax online?

Yes, there are still some online retailers that carry Johnson Paste Wax, although availability may vary.

4. Why is Johnson Paste Wax so popular?

Many people have used Johnson Paste Wax for years because it's easy to use and provides a long-lasting, protective finish on wood surfaces.

5. What makes Briwax an alternative option to Johnson Paste Wax?

Briwax is a wax polish that is also used to protect and enhance the look of wood furniture. It's made with natural beeswax and carnauba wax, and is available in several colors.
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