Milk Duds Discontinued – Is there a shortage of Milk Duds?

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let’s talk about Milk Duds in simple terms! You might have heard some rumors about Milk Duds being discontinued or in short supply, but we’ll clear that up for you.

Milk Duds: The Tasty Story

Milk Duds are a yummy treat, and they’ve been around for almost 100 years, starting in 1928. That’s a long time, right? And guess what? They’re still here today!

What’s Inside Milk Duds?

So, what makes Milk Duds so delicious? Well, it all begins with a tiny caramel ball. Then, they add a chocolate coating to it. The chocolate has only two ingredients: cocoa and vegetable oil. When you mix that chocolate with caramel, you get a chewy ball of delight!

A Bit of Milk Duds History

Milk Duds were first made by Hoffman & Company, based in Chicago. But they changed hands a few times. In 1928, M.J. Holloway & Company took over and started making Milk Duds. Later, Beatrice Foods owned them in 1960. Then, Leaf took over in 1986 and kept making them in Chicago until 1992 when they moved production to a new place.

Finally, in 1996, Hershey Foods Corporation bought Leaf and all its candies, including Milk Duds. Hershey now makes Milk Duds at its facility in Hershey, Pennsylvania. So, yes, they’ve had different owners, but they’re still here!

Are Milk Duds Discontinued?

Nope, don’t believe the rumors! Milk Duds are not discontinued. Hershey, the famous chocolate company, is still making them. You can find Milk Duds in those bright orange-yellow boxes at many places like candy shops and movie theaters. So, you can enjoy them just like people did back in 1928!

How Did Milk Duds Come to Be?

Let’s take a tasty trip back in time to find out how Milk Duds were invented!

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Changing the Recipe

In 2008, the folks at The Hershey Company decided to tweak the Milk Duds recipe. Why, you ask? Well, they wanted to make this yummy treat more affordable for everyone. So, they made a change: instead of using cocoa butter, which can be a bit pricey, they switched to using less expensive oils. This switch helped keep the price of Milk Duds nice and low while still being delicious.

The Label Makeover

Now, here’s where things got a little tricky. You see, when it comes to candy, there are rules set by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). One of these rules says that if you want to call your candy “milk chocolate,” it has to be covered in cocoa butter. But because Milk Duds had this new ingredient swap, they couldn’t be called “milk chocolate” anymore. So, the labels had to change. Instead of “milk chocolate coating,” they started saying “chocolate candy” or “chocolate coating.”

The Unique Shape

Have you ever noticed that Milk Duds aren’t perfectly round? That’s because they were supposed to be when they were first created. But guess what? People actually liked them better this way! So, the “dud” part of their name comes from the idea that they were supposed to be round every time, but they turned out differently – and tastier!

Are There Enough Milk Duds?

Some folks have heard rumors about Milk Duds disappearing, but that’s not true at all. You can still find Milk Duds all over the place! You can get them from online candy shops, regular candy stores, Amazon, and lots of big stores. They’re pretty cheap too. You might even spot them at gas stations. And if you go to the movies, you’ll definitely find Milk Duds as one of the sweet options.

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So, don’t worry, Milk Duds are here to stay, and you can enjoy them just like people have been doing for a long time!

How Many Milk Duds Are Made Each Week?

Okay, let’s talk numbers! Even if you’re not a big fan of Milk Duds, you can’t deny that this candy has a lot of loyal fans. They’ve been around for almost 100 years, which is a big deal in the candy world. But if you need some solid proof of how popular Milk Duds are, just take a look at how many of them are made every week.

Lots of Ingredients!

To make all those Milk Duds, they use a bunch of ingredients every week. We’re talking about 100 metric tonnes of corn syrup, 44 metric tonnes of chocolate coating, 50 metric tonnes of powdered sugar, and 38 metric tonnes of sweet condensed milk. That’s a whole lot of stuff! This info comes from a newspaper called the Chicago Tribune way back in 1986. And what’s the result of all this candy-making? Well, they produce a whopping 2 million boxes of Milk Duds. That’s a staggering 32.5 million individual candies!

Changes Over the Years

Even though Milk Duds have been around for a long time, things have changed since they first hit the scene. The candy has been sold in at least 40 different types of packaging over the years. You know how fashion, logos, and marketing stuff change? Well, it happened to Milk Duds too. But one thing that’s stayed pretty consistent is the recipe. They’ve been using it for almost 100 years!

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Why They Tweaked the Recipe

Now, you might wonder why they decided to change the recipe in 2008. It all came down to money. Cocoa butter, one of the ingredients, got too expensive. So, Hershey, the company that makes Milk Duds, started using vegetable oils instead. The change wasn’t a big one, and it didn’t mess up the candy’s yummy taste.

In Conclusion

When something’s been around since 1928, it’s only natural that it might go through a few changes. People’s tastes change, and sometimes it’s about finding the right ingredients. So, Hershey made a small tweak to the recipe to keep Milk Duds delicious and affordable. And that’s how they’ve stayed a popular candy for almost a century!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Were Milk Duds discontinued?

Yes, Milk Duds were discontinued by their manufacturer in early 2021.

2. Is there a shortage of Milk Duds?

Yes, since Milk Duds have been discontinued, there is a limited supply of them available in stores.

3. Why were Milk Duds discontinued?

The reason for Milk Duds' discontinuation is not clear, but it may be due to declining sales or a shift in the company's product focus.

4. Will Milk Duds ever come back?

It is not certain if Milk Duds will be brought back, but it is possible that they could be re-launched in the future.

5. Can I still buy Milk Duds online?

Yes, Milk Duds are still available for purchase online through various retailers.

6. Is there a replacement candy for Milk Duds?

There is no direct replacement for Milk Duds, but there are other similar chocolate and caramel candies available on the market.
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