Morelegant Reviews: Is legit or scam?

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Are you thinking about buying some cool clothes from a website called because they have awesome deals? Well, before you hit that order button, let’s check out if Morelegant is a real deal or just a scam.

What’s the Deal with

Okay, so, at first glance, seems pretty easy to use, right? But here’s the thing: just because a website looks nice doesn’t mean it’s a safe place to shop. Some tricky websites make themselves look good to trick people like you into thinking they’re legit. Unfortunately, seems to be one of those.

What’s All About? claims to be an online store where you can find super stylish clothes for women, like dresses, tops, and spring dresses. And guess what? They say these clothes are super cheap! But hold on, there are some serious issues with this website.

The Not-So-Great Stuff About

  1. Too Good to Be True Prices: The prices for clothes on are crazy low. It’s like a dream come true, right? Well, sometimes dreams can turn into nightmares, and these prices might be too good to be true.
  2. Suspicious Vibes: People are getting weird vibes from It just doesn’t feel right, and that’s a big red flag.

So, there you have it. Before you start filling up your cart on, you might want to think twice. It’s always smart to be cautious when shopping online, especially if something seems too good to be true. Stay safe out there!

Is a Sketchy Company?

Okay, so we already talked about how might not be the best place to shop. But here are some more reasons why you should be cautious:

1. Suspicious Company Address: Where Are They Really?

Morelegant tries to make it seem like they have a physical store or warehouse in England, but that’s not the case. The address they show is more like a pretend one to make you trust them. In reality, they’re operating from China, and that’s a long way from England. So, if you order something, it might take weeks or even months to arrive. That’s a pretty big drawback. Also, their company, called ‘Primtech Limited,’ has a bad reputation for doing tricky stuff in their online stores.

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2. Not-So-Original Clothes: What’s the Deal with Their Pictures?

When you look at the pictures of the clothes on, you might notice something strange. The models in the pictures have their faces cropped out. Why? Well, it turns out that these clothes might not be theirs. Some stores steal pictures from the internet and crop out faces so they don’t get in trouble for using them. This means you might not get the exact clothes you see on the website, but instead, you might get cheap copies. Sometimes, they say something is made of cotton when it’s really just polyester, and that’s not cool.

3. Where’s Their Social Media?

In today’s world, almost everyone and their cat has social media, right? But doesn’t seem to have any social media presence. That’s a bit suspicious, especially because most businesses use social media to show off their stuff and connect with customers. So, it’s a red flag that they don’t have any social media icons on their website.

4. Not-So-Secure Website: Watch Out for Your Info!

Here’s one more thing to be careful about: isn’t as secure as it should be. They don’t have protection from McAfee or Norton, which are like guards for your information. This means that hackers could potentially mess with your personal and financial data if you enter it on their site. So, be extra cautious with your credit card information when shopping there.

So, there you have it – a few more reasons why you might want to think twice before shopping on It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your money and personal info!

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In Conclusion, Be Wary of

After looking at all the information, it’s clear that isn’t a trustworthy online store. We give it a poor trust score, and we don’t recommend shopping there.

Just like some other sketchy sites we’ve come across, such as IGoodGames, BlackFridayGameLive, Clarkscanada, GreenworksOutlet, and kesslove, customers who buy from Morelegant might not get what they ordered.

Have You Been Scammed? Here’s What to Do

Shopping on this website could put your credit card at risk of being hacked, and you might end up paying more than you should. Plus, there’s a chance you’ll get something of lower quality, something completely different, or even nothing at all.

So, what should you do if you think you’ve been scammed? Well, you should contact your bank and ask for a new credit or debit card. If you used PayPal, make sure to take screenshots of your transactions for future reference.

Online Shopping Tips

Online shopping is super convenient, but it’s essential to stay safe. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Check How Old the Website Is: Older, well-established websites are often more trustworthy.
  2. Look for a Return Address: Legit sites usually provide a return address in case you’re not happy with your purchase.
  3. Check for Customer Reviews: See what other people are saying about the website. Legitimate sites often have customer reviews.
  4. Test Those Social Media Icons: If a website claims to be on social media, click those icons to make sure they work and take you to the right profiles.

Remember, it’s better to be safe when shopping online. Stay smart and keep your money and personal info protected!

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