Is Shaper hairspray discontinued? – What happened and who makes it?

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You might be wondering if Sebastian’s Shaper Hairspray is still available. Well, it’s not great news. The company that made this hairspray has decided to stop making the one called “Shaper Mega Hold Hair Spray.” It’s been a while since they took it off the shelves – about 11 years!

The Mega Hold Hair Spray We Miss

Back when it was around, this hairspray had a reputation for being amazing at keeping your hair in place. People loved it! It had super-strong hold, just like the name suggests. Customers used to leave awesome reviews about it. But, sadly, it’s not around anymore.

The Replacement Sprays Aren’t the Same

Now, here’s the not-so-great part. The new hairsprays they have to replace the Mega Hold one just don’t quite measure up. People say they’re not as good as the old favorite. It’s like comparing apples and oranges – they’re just not the same!

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What’s the Story Behind Shaper Hairspray?

So, let’s dive into the story of Shaper Hairspray! This hair spray was created back in the 1980s to give people a way to have soft, flowing hair instead of hair that felt stiff and stuck in place. It was a big deal when it was first introduced in Los Angeles at a special event. Why? Because it was the very first hairspray that you could spray even when holding the can upside down, making it easier to move and lift your hair into different styles.

Shaper: A Timeless Icon

Shaper Hairspray has become a bit of an icon over the years. It doesn’t follow the latest fads or trends – it’s like a classic that never goes out of style. You can find it in salons, behind the scenes on TV and movie sets, in people’s homes, and even in their handbags.

The Comeback in 2013

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In 2013, the folks at Sebastian Professional decided to bring back a formula that hairstylists absolutely loved. They came out with those big white cans that had a lot of loyal fans. What made Shaper stand out wasn’t just its cool container; it was the fact that it did what it promised. Even if you held the can upside down, it would keep on spraying. This made it a true “working aerosol,” which means hairstylists could spray it while they were busy creating amazing hairstyles.

Shaper Plus and More

A few years later, in the hair world, Sebastian introduced Shaper Plus Hairspray. This one could handle humidity better and had even more holding power. As time went on, they added more products to the Shaper family. There was Shaper Zero G Hairspray in 1998 and Re-Shaper, Shaper Zero Gravity, and Shaper Fierce in 2008 and 2009.

The White Cans Return

In 2011, a year after celebrating Shaper’s 25th birthday, the company decided to change things up and stopped using those famous white cans. But don’t worry! They brought Shaper and Shaper Plus back to the market in 2013. Yep, you guessed it – they re-released them in those iconic white cans with the same trusted formulas that people loved. So, if you’re a fan of Shaper, you can still get your hands on it just like before!

The Makers of Shaper Hairspray: Sebastian

So, who’s behind the magic of Shaper Hairspray? Well, it’s a company called Sebastian. Let me tell you a bit more about them!

Meet the Stylist Team Behind Sebastian

Back in the groovy 1970s, a talented stylist duo named Geri Cusenza and John Sebastian teamed up in Los Angeles. They were all about pushing the boundaries of hairstyling and turning the flower power vibes into some seriously bold fashion statements. This boldness was like the cornerstone on which the whole Sebastian journey was built. Right from the start, they were all about innovation, trying out new things, and being creative.

Sebastian’s Innovation in Hair Design

In 1999, Sebastian did something pretty cool. They were the first ones to come up with a special hair spray that came in a pump and was charged with resin. This might sound technical, but it was a big deal because it helped people create all those funky hairstyles that were popular at the time – you know, like punk, spiky hair, and hair that seemed to defy gravity. This unique styling tool made it all possible.

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Shaper’s Long Journey

Now, here’s something impressive. Since 1984, Shaper Hairspray has been around for a whopping 39 years! During this time, it has earned lots of awards from well-respected beauty editors and trade organizations. People love it for a reason!

Shaper Plus Takes the Lead

Shaper Plus, one of Sebastian’s products, actually outperformed the top three most popular professional hair sprays when it came to hold and being easy to brush through. That’s pretty impressive, right?

Shaper Hairsprays: Styling Superstars

Sebastian’s Shaper Hairsprays are famous for being versatile. They let you style and shape your hair while keeping it in place. So, whether you’re going for a sleek look or something more adventurous, Shaper Hairsprays have got you covered with their excellent hold and flexibility.

Where Can You Find Shaper Hairspray?

If you’re looking to get your hands on Shaper Plus, you’re in luck! It’s known for being a strong-hold hairspray that can handle humidity like a champ. This hairspray is all about giving you the power to style your hair in various ways while still keeping it in place. Whether you want a style that’s flexible or something that stands up to a lot, Shaper Plus has got your back. And here’s the good news: you can find it both online and in your local stores.

A Short Story About Shaper Hairspray Shortage

Now, let’s talk about a bit of history related to Shaper Hairspray. Back in the year 2000, there was a bit of a fuss about this hairspray. A grocery retailer called Albertson’s got into some trouble for getting their hands on and selling fake Sebastian Shaper hairspray cans. This happened because of some ongoing disagreements between Albertson’s and the company that makes Shaper, Sebastian International, based in Woodland Hills, California.

Now, Albertson’s said they didn’t mean to sell fake stuff on purpose, but it caused quite a stir. All the items with batch codes that Sebastian said were “fake” Shaper hairspray cans had to be recalled from stores all across the country. This recall was a big deal because it let Albertson’s do more research and testing on the products, making sure that nothing with the wrong labels was sold.

But get this, it’s not just a one-time thing. There were reportedly about 370,000 more fake cans of Sebastian Shaper hairspray floating around in the U.S. on top of the 384,000 fake cans that Italian authorities found in Milan back in 1999. These fakes were said to be worth around $4.3 million when you add up their retail prices!

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Sebastian, the company that makes Shaper, wasn’t too happy about all of this. They wanted to protect their reputation and make sure their products were legit. So, they even came up with a special holographic label for their cans. If a can didn’t have this label, it was a sign that it might be a fake Sebastian product.

No Shortages Nowadays

But don’t worry! These days, there haven’t been any reports of shortages for Shaper Hairspray. So, if you want to give your hair some style and hold, you should be able to find it without any trouble!

In Conclusion

So, there you have it! Shaping spray is a pretty cool kind of hairspray. It doesn’t dry super fast, which means you can still move your hair around after you spray it. That’s handy when you’re trying to get your hairstyle just right. You can use these hairsprays while you’re styling your hair or even after to make sure your style stays put.

And when we talk about shaping sprays, one brand that really stands out is Sebastian. They’ve got a great reputation for making these kinds of sprays that help you style and hold your hair in place. So, if you’re looking for a reliable product to keep your hair looking fantastic, Sebastian is definitely a brand to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shaper hairspray discontinued?

As of now, Shaper hairspray is not discontinued.

What happened to Shaper hairspray?

There were rumors that the product was going to be discontinued, but it has since been clarified that it will continue to be produced and sold.

Who makes Shaper hairspray?

Shaper hairspray is made by Sebastian Professional, a hair care brand owned by Coty Inc.

Where can I find Shaper hairspray?

Shaper hairspray can be found at most drugstores, beauty supply stores, and online retailers.

What makes Shaper hairspray unique?

Shaper hairspray has a flexible hold that allows for touch-ups and restyling without leaving a sticky residue. It also has a lightweight texture that won't weigh down hair.

Are there different types of Shaper hairspray?

Yes, there are different types of Shaper hairspray, such as Shaper Plus, Shaper Zero Gravity, and Shaper Fierce. Each type has a different hold strength and texture.
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