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Have you ever wondered if your favorite marshmallow candy, Smashmallow, is still available? Are you curious if they ever had to take their products off the shelves? Well, let’s find out!

Who Created Smashmallow?

In 2016, a husband and wife team named Jon and Ashley Sebastiani started a marshmallow brand called Smashmallow. They didn’t just make regular marshmallows; they came up with all sorts of delicious marshmallow treats. They had the classic marshmallows, little bites of marshmallow goodness, and even a hot cocoa mix with tiny marshmallows in it.

What Makes Smashmallow Special?

One cool thing about Smashmallow is that they use natural stuff to make their treats. They use real cane sugar and natural flavors, and guess what? They even have options for folks who are vegan or need to avoid gluten. They’re famous for flavors like Toasted Coconut, Cinnamon Churro, Strawberries & Cream, and Mint Chocolate Chip.

Smashmallow’s Impact

Smashmallow didn’t just sit quietly on the candy shelf. They got active online and teamed up with people who are popular on the internet to talk about their yummy treats. This made a big splash in the candy world because it showed that using natural ingredients in candy can be cool.

Did Smashmallow Ever Recall Their Candy?

Okay, so here’s the big question: did Smashmallow ever have to take their candy off the market? The answer is yes, they did. Just like other candy companies, they faced some issues that made them recall their products. Keep reading to find out more about why they had to do this.

A Bit More About Smashmallow

In case you’re wondering, Smashmallow is a brand that Jon and Ashley Sebastiani started in 2016. They didn’t stop at regular marshmallows; they made all kinds of marshmallow treats like snack bites and even hot cocoa with mini marshmallows.

The Story Behind Smashmallow

Jon and Ashley Sebastiani, the folks who started Smashmallow, come from Sonoma, California. Jon had experience in the snack business because he founded Krave Jerky, which Hershey bought in 2015. After that, he decided to focus on making marshmallows better. He saw a chance to make a healthier and yummier version of a classic treat.

The First Smashmallow

The very first Smashmallow they made was Toasted Coconut. People loved it! After that, they came up with even more flavors like Cinnamon Churro, Strawberries & Cream, and Mint Chocolate Chip. It seems like Smashmallow has become a sweet sensation!

So, there you have it, all about Smashmallow in easy-to-understand language. Now you know what it is, who made it, and a bit about its history.

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What Goodies Can You Get from Smashmallow?

Hey there, curious marshmallow lover! Let’s talk about all the yummy things you can get from Smashmallow.

Traditional Marshmallows

First up, they have what you might call “regular” marshmallows, but they’re not so regular because they come in all sorts of flavors. You can pick from Toasted Coconut, Cinnamon Churro, Strawberries & Cream, and Mint Chocolate Chip. These marshmallows are made with real cane sugar and natural flavors, which means they’re not filled with fake stuff. You can roast them over a campfire, toss them in your hot cocoa, or use them in your favorite recipes. They’re super versatile!

Snackable Marshmallow Bites

But wait, there’s more! Smashmallow also has these bite-sized marshmallow treats that you can munch on whenever you want. They’re like little clouds of sweetness that come in handy snackable sizes.

Hot Cocoa Mix with Mini Marshmallows

And for all you hot cocoa lovers, they’ve got something special too. Smashmallow has a hot cocoa mix that already has mini marshmallows in it. It’s like a double dose of marshmallow goodness in your cozy cup of cocoa.

For Special Diets

Now, here’s the cool part. Smashmallow knows that not everyone can enjoy their marshmallow magic the same way. That’s why they also offer options for people who are vegan or need to steer clear of gluten. So, no matter your dietary needs, there’s something for you.

Where to Find Them

If you’re wondering where to get these treats, you’re in luck. You can order them right from Smashmallow’s website, or you might spot them in your local grocery store or on the internet. They’re pretty easy to find.

Why Is Smashmallow So Popular?

You might be wondering why everyone’s talking about Smashmallow. Well, there are a few reasons!

Natural Ingredients

One big thing is that Smashmallow is all about using good stuff in their marshmallows. They don’t use artificial flavors or weird preservatives. It’s like getting a taste of nature in every bite. And that’s something a lot of folks are looking for these days – they want to know what they’re eating.

Social Media Buzz

Smashmallow is also really good at hanging out on social media. They’ve got this awesome Instagram page with over 100,000 fans! They post mouth-watering pictures of their marshmallows and even share fun recipes that use Smashmallow marshmallows. It’s like a marshmallow party online!

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Yummy and Unique Flavors

Last but not least, Smashmallow is the king of unique flavors. They came up with things like Cinnamon Churro and Strawberries & Cream marshmallows that people can’t get enough of. Other companies are even trying to make their marshmallows more exciting because of Smashmallow’s success.

So there you have it! Smashmallow is all about tasty marshmallow goodness in different forms, and that’s why they’re so popular. Whether you want classic marshmallows, snackable bites, or hot cocoa with mini marshmallows, they’ve got you covered. Plus, they’re all about using natural ingredients and having fun on social media. So go ahead, treat yourself to some marshmallow joy!

Did Smashmallow Ever Have a Product Recall?

Yes, there were a couple of times when Smashmallow decided to take their products off the shelves. In both 2018 and 2020, they voluntarily recalled some of their products because they discovered issues with them.

Who’s Behind Smashmallow?

Smashmallow was brought to life by Jon Sebastiani back in 2016. Jon is also the brain behind Sonoma Brands, a company that invests in cool and innovative consumer brands.

Are Smashmallows Healthy Snacks?

Well, Smashmallows are made with natural stuff, and they don’t have things like high fructose corn syrup, gluten, or a lot of fat. But here’s the deal: they’re still sweet treats, so it’s best to enjoy them in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

How Do They Make Smashmallows Keep Their Shape?

Here’s something interesting – Smashmallows are made in a special way. They mix up all the ingredients and heat them up in small batches. After they cool down, they get cut into big cubes, and that’s how they get their shape.

Gluten-Free Goodness

Good news for folks who need to avoid gluten! All Smashmallows are gluten-free. You can munch on them without worrying about gluten.

What About Vegan Options?

Now, if you’re wondering whether Smashmallows are vegan, the answer is a bit mixed. Most Smashmallows aren’t vegan because they use something called gelatin, which comes from animals. But here’s the twist: they have a special line called Dusted Mallow that’s made with plant-based ingredients. So, if you’re vegan, you can still enjoy some Smashmallow goodness with those.

There you go, all your questions about Smashmallow answered in simple terms. Now you know about recalls, who created them, their ingredients, and even some vegan options! Enjoy your marshmallow adventures!

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Why Did Smashmallow Recall Their Products?

Smashmallow had to recall their products for a pretty important reason. In 2018, they did a voluntary recall of their Toasted Coconut Marshmallow because they found out it might have something in it that wasn’t mentioned on the label – milk. That’s a big deal if you’re allergic to milk!

Then, in 2020, they had to recall their Marshmallow Hot Cocoa Mix for the same reason – they thought there might be milk in it that wasn’t listed. They wanted to make sure everyone knew what was in their treats and keep folks with allergies safe.

What Can You Choose Instead of Smashmallow?

If you can’t get your hands on Smashmallows or you want to try something different, there are some other marshmallow brands you can check out. Here’s a list:

  • Trader Joe’s
  • Jet-Puffed
  • Dandies
  • Campfire Marshmallows
  • Stuffed Puffs
  • Malvi Marshmallow Confections
  • XO Marshmallow
  • Sweet Jumbles
  • You can even make your own marshmallows at home!

These brands have marshmallow candies that taste similar to Smashmallow, so you can still enjoy that sweet marshmallow goodness.

In Conclusion

Smashmallow has made a big impact on the candy world. They’re all about using natural stuff and coming up with unique flavors, and people really like that. They’ve even inspired other candy companies to do the same. So, it looks like Smashmallow is here to stay, especially as more and more folks want to know what’s in their candy. Enjoy your marshmallow adventures, and stay safe!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Smashmallow really discontinued?

Yes, unfortunately Smashmallow has been discontinued.

Why was Smashmallow discontinued?

The reasons for discontinuation are not clear, but it is believed to be due to low demand or production issues.

Are there any options to buy Smashmallow right now?

It is currently not possible to buy Smashmallow as the product is no longer being produced and is not available in stores.

Are there any alternatives to Smashmallow?

There are several alternatives to Smashmallow available in the market, such as Marshmallow Mateys, Peeps, and Jet-Puffed Marshmallows.

Can I find Smashmallow on online stores?

It is highly unlikely to find Smashmallow on online stores as the product has been discontinued and is no longer being produced.

Will Smashmallow be restocked in stores in the future?

There is no information available at the moment suggesting that Smashmallow will be restocked in stores in the future.
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