Swarovski Crystals Discontinued – Is they Going out of business?

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So, in 2021, Swarovski, the famous crystal company from Austria, made a big announcement that got a lot of attention. They said they were going to stop making new crystal beads and stones starting in September 2021. But why did they do this?

What Made Swarovski Stop Making Crystals?

Well, Swarovski said they were doing this because they wanted to make some changes inside their company. In the past, they used to make all kinds of crystals that anyone could buy. But now, they want to focus more on fancy brands and special designs that are worth a lot of money.

What’s Different Now?

The interesting thing is that Swarovski will only let special designers and manufacturers use their expensive crystals. These designers and manufacturers have to make agreements with Swarovski to use their crystals. So, regular folks like you and me won’t be able to get these fancy crystals easily anymore.

What About the Crystals with Swarovski Logos?

Now, here’s the tricky part. We’re not sure if Swarovski will let the companies that already use their crystals keep selling them with the Swarovski logo until they run out of crystals. It’s kind of like a mystery!

So, to sum it up, Swarovski stopped making new crystals because they want to focus on fancy designs and special brands. They’re only giving these fancy crystals to certain designers and companies, and we’re not sure what will happen to the ones with the Swarovski logo.

That’s the scoop on why Swarovski stopped making crystals in 2023. If you have more questions, just ask!

Why Did Swarovski Stop Selling Crystals?

Hello! Swarovski, which has been around for more than 125 years, has been super successful. But recently, they made a big change and stopped selling crystals. Let’s find out why!

Big Transformation Happening

Swarovski realized that the way they were doing business needed to change because things in the retail and manufacturing world were changing really fast. They decided to mix together their business with other businesses (B2B and B2C) and take a good look at all the different industries they were in.

Facing Economic Reality

Even though Swarovski loved their beautiful crystals and the people who loved them too, they had to make some tough choices because of money reasons. They decided to change how they do business, especially in areas like luxury, fashion, and some special markets.

What Changed for Us?

For people like us who used to buy their crystals for DIY projects, dance costumes, and nail art, Swarovski stopped selling some of their products in November 2021. Things like rhinestones, trimmings, and Crystalpixie are not available anymore for us regular customers. But fancy high-end companies can still use Swarovski crystals.

What’s the Plan?

The top bosses at Swarovski didn’t give us a lot of details, but they said they won’t make loose parts anymore. They want to work closely with fancy companies that make luxury stuff. The idea is to make their crystals more special and valuable.

Why Did They Do It?

The CEO, Robert Buchbauer, said they had to do these big changes to keep the company going. He thinks they should have done it a while ago. Some people who know a lot about the crystal business say that it was tough for Swarovski to keep up with what people wanted, especially after the pandemic.

The Tough Times

The pandemic didn’t make things easier for Swarovski. Lots of their stores were stuck in malls that didn’t have many people because of lockdowns. This made it really hard for the company, and they lost a lot of money. So, they had to make these big changes to survive.

That’s why Swarovski stopped selling crystals. They’re trying to make things work in a new way, even though it was a hard decision. If you have more questions, just ask!

Why Are Swarovski Crystals Being Discontinued?

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Hey there! Swarovski is stopping the sale of certain products, and you might be wondering why. Well, let’s break it down.

What’s on the Chopping Block?

Swarovski’s global distributor has made a list of things that won’t be sold anymore. This list includes things like rhinestones, trimmings, and crystal pixies.

Why Stop Selling Them?

The main reason for stopping these products is to make Swarovski’s business better. You see, some of the things they used to sell, like beads, were made in large amounts and sold in big bunches. But here’s the catch: they didn’t make a lot of money from these products. Their profit was very small because they sold them in huge quantities.

Making a Smart Move

So, Swarovski decided to stop selling these low-profit items and focus on things that make more money. They want to sell stuff that might not be as popular but brings in more cash. It’s like switching from selling a lot of cheap candy to selling a few fancy chocolates – it’s smarter for their business.

By doing this, Swarovski is trying to make their company more successful and profitable. They’re making a wise business move by saying goodbye to products that didn’t make much money.

That’s why Swarovski is discontinuing some of their crystals. They want to focus on making their business better and more profitable. If you have more questions, feel free to ask!

What Are Some Great Alternatives to Swarovski Crystals?

Hey, if you’re looking for crystals but don’t want Swarovski, there are some other cool options out there. Let’s check them out!

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Potomac Crystals: A Budget-Friendly Option

PotomacBeads makes something called Potomac Crystals. These are kinda like Swarovski crystals, but they don’t cost as much. The best part? They have the same sizes as Swarovski crystals, so you can use them in the same jewelry patterns. Plus, there are lots of different shapes and sizes of Potomac Crystals, and you can find tons of free jewelry-making tutorials using them.

Estella Crystals: Top-Notch Glass Crystals

Estella Crystals are another cool choice. They’re made of glass and shine just as bright as Swarovski crystals. They even have similar cuts, so they look pretty fancy. Estella Crystals come in lots of colors and shapes, just like Swarovski. Plus, they’re lead-free, which is good for the environment!

Preciosa Crystals: Sparkly and Affordable

Last but not least, we have Preciosa Crystals. These crystals are like Swarovski in terms of sparkle and brightness. They’re super shiny and deep, just like the fancy ones. The cool thing is, Preciosa Crystals won’t empty your wallet as much as Swarovski. So, you get the bling without breaking the bank!

So, there you go! If you’re not into Swarovski crystals, you can try these alternatives like Potomac Crystals, Estella Crystals, or Preciosa Crystals. They’ll still make your jewelry and crafts look super cool and shiny. Happy crystal crafting!

Can You Still Buy Swarovski Crystals?

Absolutely! Let’s find out how and where you can still get Swarovski crystals.

Dreamtime Creations: Your Swarovski Connection

Dreamtime Creations is a company that’s really close to Swarovski, and they have the scoop on what’s going on. They used to be one of the big global distributors of Swarovski crystals until September 30, 2021.

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A Special Program

Starting on October 1, 2021, Dreamtime Creations launched a special program. This program is for fancy designers and brand owners who want to keep buying Swarovski crystal factory packs. But there’s a catch – these customers have to sign an agreement to control their brand. This program isn’t open to folks who sell loose crystals, make kits, or are in the nail business.

Meet Dreamtime Crystal

Guess what? Dreamtime Creations has made something new called Dreamtime Crystal. These crystals are here to replace the Swarovski ones we all know. And the best part is they keep releasing these beautiful crystals all year long, so you can still get your hands on them. They also have their own exclusive crystal brands called Alora and Spark.

Preciosa Crystals Too

But that’s not all! Dreamtime Creations is also an authorized seller of Preciosa Crystals. So, you have more options to choose from.

Limited Availability

Just remember, all the Swarovski crystal stuff they have is available on a first-come, first-served basis. So if you want them, you might need to hurry!

Exciting Stuff Ahead

And here’s a secret: Dreamtime Creations is working on a super cool new crystal that they think will be the best thing ever for dancing, making jewelry, and nail art. Sounds exciting, right?

So, don’t worry, you can still get your hands on Swarovski crystals through Dreamtime Creations and even some new sparkly options. Happy crystal shopping!

In Conclusion: Swarovski’s Move in Challenging Times

In tough times, companies sometimes have to make tough decisions. Swarovski, a big global company, had to say goodbye to some of its customers to focus on making more money in different ways. This decision came because of the pandemic and because they were finding it hard to keep up with what people wanted.

As the CEO explained, putting a fancy Swarovski crystal on a cheap ten-euro T-shirt didn’t really help their business. It didn’t make much money, and it didn’t make their brand look good. So, they had to make a change.

Change can be hard, but it’s a part of life. And even when things change, there are always new options to explore. Swarovski might be doing things differently now, but there are still shiny crystals out there to make things beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Swarovski going out of business?

No, Swarovski is not going out of business. They have only discontinued their line of loose crystal stones and beads to focus on their finished products.

Why did Swarovski discontinue their loose crystal line?

Swarovski made the decision to discontinue their loose crystal line to focus on their finished products such as jewelry, watches, and accessories. This allows them to offer a more cohesive brand experience for their customers.

Will Swarovski continue to produce crystal jewelry?

Yes, Swarovski will continue to produce crystal jewelry and other finished products. They are still committed to providing high-quality crystal products to consumers.

Can I still buy Swarovski crystals for my DIY projects?

Yes, you can still purchase Swarovski crystals for your DIY projects from a variety of retailers. However, they will no longer be produced in the loose form that they once were.

Will there be a shortage of Swarovski crystals now that they have discontinued their loose crystal line?

It is unlikely that there will be a shortage of Swarovski crystals as they still produce finished products that use their crystals. Additionally, retailers will continue to sell their remaining stock of loose crystals.

Will Swarovski release new crystal products?

Yes, Swarovski regularly releases new crystal products in their finished goods lines. They are constantly innovating and creating new designs to appeal to their customers.
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