Why is Wednesday Discontinued: Is Netflix Cancelled Wednesday?

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So, you might be wondering why the TV show “Wednesday” is getting a second season. Well, Netflix, the big streaming company, decided to keep the show going because a lot of people loved it. In fact, it became super popular and is now the second-most watched English-language show ever on Netflix! People really liked how Jenna Ortega played the character Wednesday Addams, and the folks who make the show are excited to make more of it.

What’s Going to Happen in Season 2?

Now that we know there’s going to be a Season 2, you might want to know what’s going to happen next. Unfortunately, we don’t have all the details yet because the show just started last year, and the news of Season 2 is pretty fresh. But we do know that the creators of the show, Miles Millar and Alfred Gough, are eager to explore some spooky places in the show’s world called Nevermore. So, get ready for more mysterious adventures!

What Do We Know So Far?

If you’re excited about Season 2, you might be wondering if there’s more information out there. Well, it’s a bit like waiting for a new movie. We’re still waiting to find out when it will come out, who will be in it, and what’s going to happen in the new season. Since the show is pretty new and the announcement for Season 2 just happened, there’s not a lot of info available right now. But don’t worry, as time goes on, we’ll get more details from the cast and producers, and we’ll be sure to share them with you.

About DiscontinuedNews

By the way, the information we’re giving you comes from a source called DiscontinuedNews. They’re a trustworthy and independent news organization. Every day, they create news and content that millions of people around the world read, watch, and enjoy. So, you can trust what they tell you!

So, there you have it! “Wednesday” is coming back for a second season, and while we don’t know everything yet, we can look forward to more spooky adventures with Wednesday Addams and her strange world. Keep an eye out for more news as it comes in!

What’s the Deal with “Wednesday”?

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Hey there, let’s talk about what happened with the TV show “Wednesday.” It turns out that in 2022, it was the second most-watched series on Netflix. That’s a big deal! And guess who played the main character, Wednesday Addams? It’s Jenna Ortega! You might know her from other shows and movies. By the way, “Stranger Things” had the number one spot in terms of popularity.

Breaking Records

Now, “Wednesday” did something really cool. It broke records that “Stranger Things” used to have. When it first came out in November, it became the most-watched English-language series on Netflix during its first week. That means a lot of people tuned in to watch it. In fact, Netflix says that during that week, there were a whopping 341.2 million hours of “Wednesday” watched.

The Wait for Season 2

Even though “Wednesday” was super popular, Netflix took its time to tell us there would be a second season. This made some folks wonder if maybe the next episode would be on Amazon Prime instead. In case you didn’t know, Amazon and MGM joined forces in a really big deal worth $8.5 billion.

Who Loved “Wednesday”?

One cool thing about “Wednesday” is that it appealed to a lot of different people. Many different types of folks liked it. About 25% of the people watching the show were from Hispanic households. That’s pretty neat, showing that the show was enjoyed by a multicultural audience. It was also a hit with young women. More than 60% of the viewers were female, and more than half of them were between the ages of 18 and 49.

So, “Wednesday” was a big hit on Netflix, and a lot of people from different backgrounds really enjoyed it. It even set some new records for the streaming platform. Keep an eye out for what happens next with this spooky series!

Recapping “Wednesday” Season 1

Alright, let’s dive into a recap of what happened in the first season of “Wednesday.”

Tim Burton’s Magic Touch

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So, this show was really special because the famous director Tim Burton was in charge. He directed it and also worked as the executive producer. It was a big deal for him, and fans loved it. In this season, Wednesday did some amazing things. She saved her school called Nevermore and the kids who didn’t quite fit in there. They were dealing with a guy named Joseph Crackstone who caused a lot of trouble. Also, Wednesday figured out who Marilyn Thornhill really was, and it was a big shocker! But sadly, this season had some sad moments too.

Unanswered Questions

Even though we finished the first season, there are still some mysteries left. One big question is, who’s that person who’s still watching Wednesday’s every move? That’s a bit creepy!

New Ties and Surprises

In the first season, Wednesday made some new friends, and people are curious to see where these relationships will go. There’s also this guy named Tyler Galpin, who seemed totally normal but turned out to be something not-so-nice. He had a split personality, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In the finale, Tyler had a tough fight with Enid but ended up in a bit of a tricky situation. So, we’re all wondering what’s next for him.

Rumors and What’s Next

There were some rumors going around that “Wednesday” might not get a second season, even though it did really well. It actually became even more popular than “Stranger Things” for a week! But it looks like the show is sticking with Netflix, even after Amazon’s big takeover of MGM.

Now, the big question is, will there be more of those awesome dance scenes in Season 2? Well, you’re in luck because the answer is a definite YES! After the dance scene in Season 1 went viral, Netflix decided to bring us more “Wednesday” adventures in a second season. Some folks thought the show might move to another streaming platform, but it’s staying put. So, get ready for more spooky and exciting moments in the world of “Wednesday”!

That’s the scoop on what happened and what’s coming up next for “Wednesday”!

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A Happy Conclusion for “Wednesday” Fans

Great news for all you “Wednesday” fans out there! The wait is over, and Season 2 is on its way! Netflix made the big announcement on January 6, and it’s time to celebrate! After all that anticipation, we’re finally getting more of our spooky hero, Wednesday Addams.

Spooky Adventures Continue

In the first season, we got to know Wednesday and her interesting group of friends at the supernatural school. There’s Enid Sinclair, who’s into fencing and adds some cheer to the group. Then there’s Bianca, the queen bee, and a bunch of other cool characters. And let’s not forget about the not-so-normal “normie” Tyler Galpin, who had a big surprise for us in the first season.

Now, the excitement continues as we dive into the next season of “Wednesday.” Get ready for more macabre adventures and mysterious twists. So, stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for updates on what’s coming next in the world of “Wednesday”!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why was Wednesday discontinued?

There is no information suggesting that Wednesday has been discontinued. It is a fictional show, and there is no news that it has been canceled by Netflix or any other network.

2. Is Wednesday on Netflix canceled?

There is no confirmation that Wednesday has been canceled on Netflix. It is a fairly recent show, and there has been no news of any cancellation.

3. Will Wednesday be coming back?

As of yet, there is no news of when or if Wednesday will be making a comeback.

4. Why did Netflix cancel Wednesday?

There is no news of any cancellation of Wednesday on Netflix. Therefore, it is not possible to answer this question as there has been no cancellation.

5. What is Wednesday about?

Wednesday is a show based on the life of a young Wednesday Addams, the youngest member of the Addams family. It follows her mysterious adventures in a town called Nevermore.

6. Who stars in Wednesday?

Jenna Ortega is the lead star in Wednesday, playing the role of a young Wednesday Addams.
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