Yogos discontinued – Is they still make it?

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Have you ever wondered why some of your favorite snacks and candies from childhood suddenly disappear from the store shelves? Well, let’s talk about one such candy called Yogos, made by Kellogg’s, and find out why it’s no longer available.

What Was Yogos Candy?

What Made Yogos Special?

Yogos candy was unique because it combined the goodness of fruits with the yummy taste of yogurt. Instead of being just a plain candy, it came in the form of small fruit-flavored balls covered in a yogurt coating. So, it was like having the best of both worlds – fruity and creamy!

What Happened to Yogos?

Why Did Yogos Go Away?

Even though Yogos was a fun and tasty snack, it couldn’t stick around forever. Kellogg’s, the company that made Yogos, eventually decided to stop making it. So, you won’t find it in stores anymore.

Yummy Flavors

What Flavors Did Yogos Come In?

Yogos came in some exciting flavors like Strawberry Slam, Crazy Berries, Watermelon Burst, Island Explosion, and Berry-Berry-Banana. These flavors made snacking even more fun!

Was Yogos Really Healthy?

Was Yogos a Healthy Snack?

While Yogos had the goodness of fruits and yogurt, it wasn’t exactly the healthiest choice. It had a lot of sugar and was high in calories, so it was more of a treat than a healthy snack.

Why Did Yogos Candy Disappear?

Why Did Yogos Candy Stop Being Sold?

So, you might be wondering why Yogos candy vanished from the stores just five years after it first showed up. Even though it was a pretty exciting treat, it didn’t stay in the market for too long. People were curious about why it disappeared because the company didn’t officially explain why. But here are some interesting ideas that folks have come up with.

Was It Too Sugary?

Was Yogos Candy Too Sweet?

One theory is that Yogos might have been too sugary. Each pack of Yogos had 18 grams of sugar in it. Now, for a typical woman, the ideal daily sugar intake is about 25 grams. So, if she ate a whole pack, she’d be getting more than half of her daily sugar just from that one snack. And the thing is, Yogos didn’t really have any good stuff like vitamins to balance out all that sugar.

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Possible Allergy Issues

Could It Have Caused Allergies?

Some parents said their kids got allergies after eating Yogos. This could be because of the oils used in making the yogurt coating. It seems like some folks thought the oils might not have been suitable for eating.

Not Very Profitable

Did It Not Make Enough Money?

Another reason Yogos might have disappeared is because it didn’t make much profit. It was a bit pricey, and it didn’t offer a lot in terms of nutrition. That meant not many people were buying it, which made it a not-so-profitable product for the company. So, they decided to stop making it.

Why Yogos Had Low Nutritional Value

Why Was Yogos Not Very Nutritious?

Yogos didn’t score high when it came to nutrition. Each 80-gram pack of this snack contained a hefty 18 grams of sugar. This made it both sugary and calorie-packed, and that wasn’t something that sat well with people. They felt like it didn’t offer much goodness for kids and grown-ups who enjoyed it.

Taste Over Nutrition

Was Yogos All About Taste?

Now, many folks argued that since Yogos was a candy, its main job was to taste good, not necessarily to be super healthy. That’s why some people have been asking Kellogg’s to bring it back to the market because they really miss its unique flavor. It was like a fruity punch in candy form!

Bringing Back Yogos?

Will Yogos Ever Make a Comeback?

In fact, there have been petitions signed by people who want Yogos to come back. But here’s the thing – Kellogg’s doesn’t have any plans for it right now. They’ve also stopped making some of their other products that might have done better in the market.

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Big Fan Base Needed

What It Takes to Bring It Back

The tricky part is, even though Yogos has some loyal fans, it would need a lot more people to buy it to make it profitable. Making a product profitable means having a big group of customers who want it.

So, for now, Yogos might be in our memories, but it’s not on store shelves. Who knows, though, maybe one day it’ll make a comeback!

Will Yogos Ever Return to the Market?

Is There Hope for Yogos to Make a Comeback?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any plans to bring Yogos back to the market. Kellogg’s, the company behind Yogos, hasn’t responded to all the requests from customers who really want to see it return. It turns out that Yogos wasn’t making as much money as people thought, and it only appealed to a specific group of people. To make it profitable, it would need to attract a lot more customers. Plus, it would have to get a makeover in terms of its nutrition.

Not So Healthy

Why It’s Not Coming Back

One of the big reasons Yogos won’t be making a comeback is that it wasn’t very healthy at all. It didn’t have good nutrition, and it had a lot of sugar. That’s why not many people were buying it regularly. People mostly picked it up for its taste, but for a snack to sell well, it should be somewhat healthy and have less sugar.

Alternatives to Yogos

What Can You Snack on Instead?

But if you’re really missing the taste of Yogos, there are other snacks out there that can satisfy your cravings. For example, Welch’s has a similar candy with fruity and yogurt flavors. You can try these snacks from Welch’s in flavors like Strawberry, Blueberry-acai, and Mango-Peach. So, even though Yogos might not be around, there are still tasty options to enjoy.

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So, while Yogos may not be making a comeback, there are plenty of other snacks to explore and enjoy!

In Conclusion: Saying Goodbye to Yogos

Looking Back on Yogos Candy

Even though Yogos candy is long gone, it’s something that many people still remember fondly. It was a tasty treat that didn’t stick around in the market for too long. There were several reasons why Kellogg’s decided to stop making it.

Nutrition Matters

The Importance of Nutrition

One big reason was that Yogos didn’t offer much in terms of nutrition. In today’s world, people are becoming more health-conscious, and they want to make good choices for their well-being. That’s why, especially in the food and drinks industry, brands need to focus on making products that are not only delicious but also good for you. Just having something that tastes great but is high in calories isn’t enough anymore.

So, even though Yogos is a part of the past, it’s a reminder that in today’s world, making healthier choices is becoming more important. And while Yogos might not be around anymore, there are plenty of other tasty and healthier snacks to explore. So, here’s to making delicious choices that are good for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Yogos discontinued?

Yogos were discontinued due to declining sales and popularity.

Is Yogos still being produced?

No, Yogos are no longer being produced.

Is there a way to purchase Yogos still?

While there may be some old stock available for purchase, it is unlikely that Yogos can be found in stores today.

Will Yogos ever make a comeback?

There is no information indicating that Yogos will make a comeback.

Are there any alternative snacks similar to Yogos?

Yes, there are many alternative snacks on the market such as Fruit by the Foot and Gushers that offer a similar experience to Yogos.

What flavors of Yogos were available?

Yogos were available in a variety of flavors including strawberry, blueberry, cherry, grape, and peach.
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